REALTORS® use combination of technology and experience to help you

By Ron Nebre

The changes in our lifestyle stemming from the complete pervasiveness of the internet and always available online information also applies to how we approach real estate.

REALTORS® can help when you undertake one of the most significant and often most stressful transactions of your life. Not only do they have at their disposal a wide array of technology and online tools to ease the process, but also personal experience and insight.

“There is a lot of information about real estate available from so many different sources, it can be extremely overwhelming for someone entering into the market, whether it’s buying or selling your home,” says Chris Dudeck, president of WinnipegREALTORS®. “That’s why you should use a Realtor who has the right tools to make sense of the information that’s out there.”

In a world of Amazon and Netflix, it’s no surprise that the real estate industry and its Realtors, have likewise adopted highly optimized technological outlooks and processes.

Online tools

All Realtors today have access to a wide variety of online tools that help their clients sell or buy their homes. One of the most powerful means they use is the MLS® system. Only a Realtor has access to arguably the most comprehensive collection of property information available.

“Once your property is listed on the MLS®, it’s viewable and searchable by any other Realtor in the province. Buyers will find your home, based on specific criteria set up by their agents, giving your property excellent exposure, increasing its chances at selling for good value,” says Dudeck.

While the MLS® system is an essential component in any real estate transaction, Realtors also utilize a variety of methods to market and promote your property as well.

Alongside the traditional and still effective methods such as newspapers like the Real Estate News, Realtors have also embraced the effectiveness of
social media.

Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow Realtors to provide information that’s relevant to house hunters.

“You get what you give from my experience with social media,” says Jennifer Berthelette, REALTOR. “You have to stay current and always look to provide excellent content that’s important.”

The exposure given by social media posts is just one part of a robust marketing plan generally used by Realtors. Depending on their clientele, members have their own unique mix, be it print advertising, billboards, websites, direct media or social media.

“Social media is a major part of any marketing campaign,” confirms Berthelete. “Whether it’s through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram or a website for each listing, being everywhere in today’s maket is so important. You never know where your buyer will come from.”

Of course, there is a downside to the increased use of online tools and the ubiquity of smartphones. “The window of time that we have to respond to a client has definitely decreased,” says Chris Dudeck. “The increasing speed of information access has perhaps conditioned people to expect instant answers.”

Today’s consumer can easily find a wide array of information on any topic related to real estate, true or not. Simple Google searches for first time home buying in Winnipeg generates an impressive amount of websites with varying degrees of information available.

Making sense of the data

The information ranges from simple and vague to opaque and inpenetrable industry jargon. “One of the essential services that a Realtor gives to his or her client is the ability to make sense of the information that is out there. We provide clarity and answer your specific personal questions that apply to your own individual situations,” says Dudeck. “Every circumstance is unique, and we use our experience and expertise to help guide you through the sometimes intense process of buying or selling your home.”

“Technology and the latest devices are nice to have, and in many ways, they have made our lives easier,” he said. “When it comes to ensuring one of the biggest financial transactions you will undertake is a smooth, efficient and painless process, you should use a Realtor and all the tools they have at their disposal. They know the market, they have the information and they can clarify and explain it for you.”