Need two outstanding people for Hall of Fame

The public now has the opportunity to decide whom they believe has made a significant contribution to Winnipeg’s quality of life.

The Winnipeg Real Estate Board has announced it is now accepting nominations for the Citizens Hall of Fame, established in 1986 to honour Winnipeggers whose good work and deeds raised the profile of the city on the local, national or international stage.

“The cut-off date for public nominations for 2006 Citizens Hall of Fame inductees is Friday, May 26,” said Bill Burns, chair of the committee responsible for the unique award program.  

“We will be selecting one inductee in the contemporary category and 

another in the historical one (major accomplishments achieved prior or up to 1950).”

Since the Winnipeg Real Estate Board created the Citizens Hall of Fame, 31 inductees have been chosen.

Last year, world-renowned author Gabrielle Roy (1909-1983), and businessman, philanthropist and politician Edward Lancaster Drewry (1851-1940) were inducted. They will have their sculptures installed later this year in Assiniboine Park at the Citizens Hall of Fame site in the formal garden area, which is located just off Corydon Avenue and Park Boulevard.  

Burns is encouraging the public to visit the site to see all of the inductees’ sculptures, including more recent installations such as Dr. Arnold Naimark, John Wesley Dafoe, Donald Ian MacDonald, Carol Ann Shields and Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald.

“It never ceases to amaze me how blessed we are as Winnipeggers to have citizens stepping forward as they do to make our city a better place to live and one that we are proud to call home,” said Burns.

“E.L. Drewry was the Israel Asper of his day,” said Donald Benham, a city councillor and great-grandson of Drewry, during last year’s induction ceremony, “who believed that business people have a responsibility to share their wealth with the community. E.L. Drewry was an 

example of the ethos of that spirit.”

For his contributions to Winnipeg, the late Asper was inducted into the Citizens Hall of Fame in 1999.

Roy was the author of 12 novels and numerous short stories. Her autobiographical book Rue Deschambault (Street of Riches) describes growing up and living in St. Boniface and Manitoba up to 1937. The house at 375 Deschambault St. is now a heritage site and was 

refurbished in 2003 and opened to the public.

Her novel, La Petit Poule d’Eau (Where Nests the Water Hen) describes the trials and tribulations of a teacher in Manitoba’s Waterhen District.

Her first book, Bonheur d’Occasion (Tin Flute), netted her one of three Governor General Awards she received and was an international best-seller.

Nomination forms can now be 

obtained at the Winnipeg Real Estate Board office, 1240 Portage Ave.