How Winnipeg has managed to perform strongly throughout the pandemic

By Don White

The 7th biennial Winnipeg Real Estate Forum will provide up-to-date and valuable insights on the trends and opportunities in the city located in the centre of the country. The conference will be held on Tuesday, April 26 in the RBC Convention Centre.

The last time that the Forum was held in-person, the event was sold out with a record attendance of almost 700 executives — 30% of whom were from outside Manitoba.Why is there so much investor interest in Winnipeg?

Two essential elements found in many successful cities are a diversified range of strong economic drivers coupled with a vibrant population and culture that inspires and attracts an intellectual market of residents. How does Winnipeg fare in this regard?

What competitive advantage does it offer?

The city has a highly educated and productive workforce, low cost energy, a central location with excellent multi-model transportation system for distribution of goods to market, and a diversified manufacturing base that includes agri-business, apparel, education, financial services, furniture, aerospace, information technology, transportation and other industries.

Winnipeg offers one of the lowest overall business costs of any major Canadian centre.

What are some of the major drivers responsible for this market’s relatively stable economy? How have these factors played a role in helping Winnipeg manage its way through the pandemic?

The result is an economic base that has a stable workforce and a cushion against any major fluctuations due to downturns in the economy. Winnipeg’s unemployment rate has been consistently well below the national average and is the second lowest among Canadian cities.

Led by the Premier of Manitoba and the President of Great-West Life, the Winnipeg Real Estate Forum will offer over 60 speakers providing presentations or participating in panel discussions on the economic drivers responsible for Winnipeg’s strong GDP; the major trends in the office, industrial, retail and apartment markets; the availability and cost of capital; and the broad range of development activity and opportunities.

The conference will offer value to asset managers, brokers, developers, investors, and others active in the acquisition, leasing, financing, management, and marketing of office, industrial, retail and multi-unit residential real estate.

The Winnipeg Real Estate Forum will help you determine what strategies to follow for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

Note that the registration fee of $460 is relatively lower than other comparable events and will fit virtually every organization’s or individual’s budget.

We hope you will take advantage of this very informative event. Our thanks to the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board for being a sponsoring association for the 7th time.

For all program details, the speakers, and to register online, go to the website at

For answers to any questions or for more information call 416-512-3807.

See the ad for the Winnipeg Real Estate Forum on page 4 of this week’s issue of the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News.