Funds provided for the continued development of CentrePort in Winnipeg

The federal government has provided $2.3 million to further develop CentrePort Canada Inc.
The federal investment enables CentrePort Canada to implement its strategic priorities of enhancing the inland port’s transportation assets, co-ordinating land development, and increasing targeted business and investment attraction activities.  
The investment will allow CentrePort to continue to provide “single-window” services for investors, which includes providing unique access to federal Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)-like programming, as well as continuing to promote increased trade and transportation along the Asia-Pacific Gateway, and the Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor.
“Our government recognizes that enhancing inland port facilities is crucial to attracting international investors, which results in the creation of jobs, growth, and long-term prosperity,” said Provencher MP and federal Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews. “This project builds on the achievements already realized by CentrePort Canada by adding assets to attract investors and build financial sustainability, setting it apart as an international transportation, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistic hub.”
CentrePort Canada is a 20,000-acre inland port located next to Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport and the first in the country to offer investors single-window access to FTZ-like benefits.
Located in the heart of North America, CentrePort connects to major national and international trade gateways and corridors, and offers direct access to tri-modal transportation options including road, rail and air cargo.
“Business interest in CentrePort is strong and today’s announcement will allow us to continue to work on generating investments and jobs for Manitoba, Western Canada and the country as a whole,” said Diane Gray, president and CEO of CentrePort Canada.
More than 100 acres have been sold and are under development by 21 companies within Brookside Business Park and Brookside Industrial Park West. Both of these industrial parks are located within the first phase of water and wastewater servicing and will have access to the new expressway — CentrePort Canada Way.
Currently there are more than 2,000 acres of land ready for new development and almost 420,000 square feet of industrial space available in existing warehouse facilities.
A $17-million water and wastewater servicing for 1,100-acres of prime industrial land is underway within CentrePort Canada. A funding agreement was reached by the province, city and RM of Rosser for the first phase of servicing for CentrePort lands located in the Brookside area.
The $212.4-million CentrePort Canada Way, a four-lane divided expressway, is nearly 70 per cent completed. The project is being funded by the governments of Canada and Manitoba, and is the largest highway capital project in Manitoba history.
A new Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) cargo security system has been launched to ship high-quality Manitoba agricultural products to Chongqing, China. The new system was used in 2012 to export Manitoba’s first-ever containerized shipment of homegrown soybeans to China for distribution.