Loving your space and comfort key ingredients to great design

One of the most common questions I am asked as a designer is “What is popular?” or “What is everyone doing?” or my personal favorite “What do you like?” It simply does not matter!

The most important thing in planning a successful design is doing what you will love! What is currently popular will only be popular for a certain period of time before it becomes outdated. Designing on trend will always date your design as the trends change. I would much rather design around what my clients LOVES so that the space is exactly what makes them happy! What is popular, what I like or even what is current is not the best basis for a design.

How you use a space is critical in creating a successful design. How many people use the space? How many people at one time need seating or working space? What do you need the space to do for you that it is currently not doing? These are all questions that help me solve problems in your existing space.

What are some of the activities you like to do in the space? When planning a kitchen, I need to know how many people are involved in food preparation. Is there a baker in the family? We want to ensure we are planning a space that accommodates all of your needs and how you use the space.

In an outdoor sitting area, we need to know how many people you entertain at once — not just you and your immediate family? A space is not functional when you request guests bring their own seating to a BBQ! When designing a space, we want to plan for everyday use, but also for entertaining when you can show off your fabulous new space!

Blending current design trends and existing homes can be challenging. There are so many different existing designs based on architecture and age of the home. Introducing some of the latest trends works in some cases, but can also stand out in other cases.

Sometimes it is best to incorporate things you love about current trends through décor that can easily be changed and using more timeless materials on higher ticket items like cabinetry, countertops and flooring. Having timeless cabinetry with a stunning rustic clock on the wall and rustic décor on the countertops still gives you a good feel for the current trend without time stamping your renovation.

When a client is looking at materials, it is my job to inform them if I feel it would blend well with what they have, that will not be changing. If they have a lovely home that has been lovingly updated and maintained in a tasteful manner, we want to ensure what we introduce in their latest renovation, makes the space even better.

As much as clients love some of the latest looks, I find they often select something else when I tell them that particular pattern will time stamp their reno. That is not something most people want to do when spending a large sum on updating their homes.

How a space functions and incorporating current design into a space is only part of the challenge. The most important aspect of a good design is how it makes the client feel when they walk into the space. The best designs are the ones clients walk into and have an overpowering sense of “Ahhh — it’s perfect!”

When the client has that feel good response upon entering the space, I know we have done our job! A space has to function well, look fabulous, and give the client a sense of happiness and peace when they walk into their space. If any aspect of this is missing, or the client is left wishing they had done something else, then the design is not as successful as it could have been.

One of the benefits of working with a professional designer is that we walk our clients through from initial wish list to finished successful project. Whether you are freshening up a small space or planning a complete renovation, taking the time to plan out all details will ensure a successful space you LOVE for years to come! Sit back in your new space, pour yourself a glass of wine or iced tea, put your feet up and relax! Enjoy your new space!

If you need help planning or renovating a space feel free to get in touch with us at angie@maximumimpactplus.com or www.katreno.com