Building for a better environment

Green technology is evolving, and with the alarm sounding on climate change, the need to act sustainably is now. So the question arises; what can we do better for our built environment in Manitoba?

Sustainable Building Manitoba (SBM) is a not-for-profit organization that advances green building knowledge in Manitoba, highlighting current Canadian and international best practices. Creating education events, building tours, networking opportunities and more, we showcase and connect you to the latest advancements in energy efficiency, low-carbon, climate resilient building practice. We are the on-the-ground know-how resource for both the public and commercial building community, tailored to the uniqueness of Manitoba’s climate.

SBM has been well established in Manitoba for over 10 years with a supportive membership and stakeholder group. The membership reflects the diversity of the sustainable building community in the province. Hosting monthly Lunch and Learns in addition to regular other events, we create invaluable opportunities for the community to come together. This strengthens our entire sector through continuous learning from the presenters and each other. These networking events have produced many opportunities for collaboration between members on small and large scales.

Buildings are one of the largest contributors to our greenhouse gas emissions and that is well documented as a major risk to our future in the age of Climate Change. This also means that we have plenty of opportunities to improve. SBM and its membership know and practice many of the strategies and tactics it will take to drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from private and commercial buildings and have already identified key policy barriers. Leveraging the expertise of our board and the support of our membership, we are a strong and important voice advocating a better path forward. To this end, we have a seat at the table for Residential and Commercial Buildings Working Groups of the Expert Advisory Council for the Province of Manitoba’s Climate Plan.

We know this new information can be overwhelming, but most “new technology” is just common sense and good workmanship. Advantages of greener homes include lower utility bills and operating costs, optimal occupant comfort, resilience to major storm events, and overall healthier indoor environments for homeowners, both physically and mentally. Who wouldn’t want to have low, or no, utilities bills when owning a home? We would also like to introduce you the concept of the Total Cost of Building Ownership (TCBO). TCBO is the cost of all things that are part of owning a building over its life - construction cost, mortgage interest, utilities, maintenance, insurance, etc. Our presenters will show that the TCBO for green homes is much lower than code built. Sustainable Building Manitoba is a great resource whether you already own a home, are in the market for a home, or are considering building as one of your investment options.

To learn more about green housing, Sustainable Building Manitoba is hosting a Green Housing 101 course on February 20, 2019 at the University of Manitoba campus. This course will introduce you to various green housing concepts, the scale of possibilities in sustainable housing, the cost/value of building or renovating a green home, financing and more.

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