Parade of Homes showcases the best in new homes

By Todd Lewys

It’s that time of year again.

From September 7 to 29, the 2019 Fall Parade of Homes will feature 137 show homes crafted by 38 different builders in communities inside and outside Winnipeg.

And more than ever, the Fall Parade will showcase a cross-section of homes that offer unparalleled selection and value, says Lanny McInnes, president and CEO of the Manitoba Home Builders Association.

“The Parade of Homes in Manitoba continues to be the biggest Parade of Homes in Canada,” he says. “Once again, our Parade of Homes will lead the country in its size and scope.”

With that size and scope comes the widest variety of home options – from single family homes, to attached single family homes, townhomes, condominiums and more – ever presented in a Parade.

“There will be something for everyone, from entry-level homes to luxury homes and everything in between,” says McInnis. “We will also have two new neighbourhoods taking part – Selkirk, and Grand Pointe Meadows. The Parade just continues to grow in its reach, options and amenities. Buyers will be able to find what they need in a home exactly where they want to live.”

Builders are working hard to meet the varying needs and budgets of home buyers in challenging economic times, notes Spencer Curtis of Hilton Homes.

“These days, home buyers are looking for value and livability in a home,” he says. “As an industry, we’re trying to maintain affordability by going with smaller lot sizes to reduce costs. It’s our job to deliver a great product that delivers that value and livability so families can realize their dream of owning a new home.”

While delivering value and livability is challenging, it’s a challenge that builders are up to, adds Curtis.

“Even though we’re building homes on smaller lots to reduce costs, people are going to see the many ways in which builders have responded when they view the different show homes. The designs are impressive. Most importantly, the homes are still within reach price-wise.”

That affordability doesn’t mean the homes are lacking in style.

Far from it, in fact.

“Homes are getting more interesting and exciting, yet they’re still livable. It takes a lot of hard work from a design standpoint, but we can still build livability into a home that’s situated on a smaller lot.”

Jason Jaquet of Randall Homes says builders are listening to consumer feedback; it’s the only way they can successfully meet the disparate needs of new home buyers. 

“The price point has changed – higher-end homes aren’t selling like they were three or four years ago,” he says. “We’ve changed our whole philosophy. We’re now providing a range of home options under $400,000, from condos to row housing. It’s all about affordability and getting creative with home designs to provide the livability, style and value that buyers are looking for.”

Curtis concurs.

“We’re doing our best to come up with affordable, functional designs that give buyers that extra bedroom or bonus space in a home on a narrower lot, while containing the size of the home,” he says. “People are going to be blown away by some of the new home designs.”

McInnis says its incumbent upon consumers to get out from behind their computer screens to view show homes firsthand.

“Virtual reality and 360 Degree tours are great, but don’t do them justice. The Parade of Homes gives people a chance to walk in, flip their shoes off and walk through a home to see what goes into a top-level new home. It’s an opportunity that no one else gets in Canada, so we invite you to take advantage of it while it’s here.”

The 2019 Fall Parade of Homes will run from September 7 to 29, showcasing 137 homes built by 38 different builders in neighbourhoods in Winnipeg and outlying communities.

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