Candidates endorsed who support principles of unique program

More candidates are now openly supporting the Manitoba Real Estate Association’s Quality of Life program than during the last federal election campaign.

“I’m encouraged by the response,” said Lorne Weiss, chair of MREA’s 

political action committee.

“From 20 to 25 per cent of the candidates have taken the time to confirm their support for the Quality of Life program.

“It’s difficult to believe that anyone would not support a statement that is basically in favour of creating better communities for all Manitobans, Canadians for that matter,” he added.

MREA had sent letters out to all 

the Manitoba candidates running in 

the January 23 federal election. The letters asked for their signatures on a form confirming that they support the five principles of the Quality of Life program: ensure economic vitality, provide housing opportunities, preserve the environment, protect property owners and build better com-


“We send elected representatives to Ottawa with the concept of building better communities in mind,” said Weiss. “It’s important to note which people representing constituents are not prepared to make that kind of statement.”

The MREA was the first provincial association to adopt the Quality of Life program, which is based on a program started by REALTORS in Washington state.

In Washington, politicians who sign a pledge to support the Quality of Life program are judged after they enter office on how well they follow each principle.

Since MREA started the program a couple of years ago, other REALTOR associations and boards in Canada have also adopted the Quality of Life message.

“We’re proud that we’re the first association in Canada to have taken the step to endorse candidates based on their pledge to the Quality of Life program,” said Weiss.

Weiss said the MREA’s Quality of Life program has raised the profile of Manitoba REALTORS. 

“We’re starting to make politicians and Manitobans aware of the proactive role REALTORS have in their communities,” Weiss said. “Because of our increased profile, it’s more important to candidates to provide their endorsement on that basis.”

Weiss said the idea behind the Quality of Life candidate endorsements is not to take part in partisan or party politics. “The Quality of Life principles transcend partisan politics.”

Candidates who sign on to the five principles are all endorsed regardless of what party they represent.

Weiss said the program also acts as a blueprint for how Manitoba REALTORS approach issues.

“Quality of Life is a benchmark that we use to judge our initiatives,” he 

explained. “We judge the positive or 

negative impact an initiative has on Manitoba.”

Weiss said the Quality of Life program defines how REALTORS interact within their communities.

“We talk everyday with people who hope to build a life for themselves and their children. We understand what makes a community attractive and desirable. We know a community is more than homes.

“People want safe streets, jobs that pay well and roads that take them to where they want to go without delay.

“We’re not just REALTORS,” said Weiss. “We’re neighbours. Our children attend the same schools, play the same sports, and we go to the same places of worship as our neighbours. Our interests are not at odds with those of our neighbours.”

It is with this interaction in mind that MREA sent the letters on behalf of their neighbours to the candidates, Weiss added.

The candidates pledging their support for the five Quality of Life principles can be found on page 7.