How to warm up your decor for winter weather

When the weather turns snowy and cold, it’s natural for us to turn to our homes for warmth and security. And no one knows more about adding warmth to the home during chilly weather than Scandinavians.

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Despite having been around since the 1950s, it still remains a popular trend in interior design today. There’s something about Scandi decor that people can’t get enough of, and we’re not just talking about IKEA’s enduring popularity, either.

Belonging to the school of modernism, Scandinavian design is generally influenced by a connection to nature, which combines natural shapes, abstraction, and the liberal use of natural elements.

If you want to try warming up your space with this serene and comforting design style, try out these 10 easy hacks:


1. Accessorize with warm textiles

Using warm textiles in the form of throws, oversized pillows and carpets that are made from wool, sheepskin or mohair is a great way to make your space feel cozy. What better way to destress and warm up at the end of the day than curling up under a big knitted blanket with a good book and mug of hot chocolate?


2. Choose simple decorative accents

Scandi design is all about simplicity, so always choose accents that have simple designs. Add elegant ceramic vases to your living room table. To add texture and subtle colour, decorate your couches and beds with throws and pillows that have simple geometric prints.


3. Combine wood and metal finishes

Scandinavian design uses wooden elements not just in the flooring but also in the furniture and fixtures. But the recent trend in this style of decorating combines the use of metallic finishes and wooden elements. For example, copper sconces and brass pendants can be installed against a wooden ceiling or wall.


 4. Decorate with plants and fresh flowers

Natural elements always add colour and beauty. Consider decorating your Scandinavian living room with plants and fresh flowers. In the Scandinavian region, sidewalk florists sell fresh flowers and tulips in every colour, so you should try to include floral elements as much as possible. Not a green thumb? There’s no shame in buying artificial. These days it’s hard to tell the difference.


5. Focus on neutral colours

There’s a specific colour palette that’s associated with Scandi decor that includes hues of grays, whites, browns and blacks. The use of these neutral colours creates a clean and soothing effect to your home design. Walls are often painted in white in order for the furniture and decorative pieces to stand out. But don’t be afraid to add your favourite pops of colour to keep it original.


6. Keep your rooms clutter-free

One of the most important characteristics of Scandi design is keeping the space clutter-free. Avoid unnecessary items while keeping storage spaces organized. The mantra “less is more” has never had more meaning than in this style of design. It also helps make your space more visually relaxing.


7. Choose light coloured flooring

Flooring is usually made from light hardwood materials, either in its natural colour or painted in white. Light-coloured flooring can make any house look brighter and more spacious while exuding a welcoming atmosphere. Already have dark flooring? Light-coloured furniture looks terrific in contrast. Just keep everything else bright to avoid a heavy look.


8. Limit window treatments

Lots of natural light makes a space look more inviting. In order to not block incoming light, window treatments should be kept to a minimum. If you need to use window coverings, you can try light fabrics such as sheer curtains. The movement of light through sheer curtains day or night can make your space feel very romantic. Want more privacy? Opt for natural cottons or canvas.


9. Proper lighting is key

Most Scandinavian homes experience daylight in as little as seven hours a day. Sound familar? Therefore, the way that lighting is used is very important. Lighting is a source of life, and it also sets a very distinct mood. Use modern lighting with an industrial design in materials such as copper, gold and beaten metals. Candles, lanterns and candelabras make a space feel warm, cozy and romantic.


10. Think form and functionality

When it comes to furniture, clean lines should be obvious. Everything should have a modern touch with smooth and rounded edges. Scandi design is also characterized by its innovative and functional use of space, so it’s common to see multi-level wall shelving. Storage is usually innovative and compact while adding visual interest.

Using these ten hacks as your guide, you should be able to create a stunning space that incorporates the simplicity, beauty, warmth and functionality of Scandinavian interior design.