7 ideas that will make a staycation feel like a real holiday

Millions of people around the world are currently finding themselves in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it can seem claustrophobic, it’s also possible to see this as a rare opportunity. It’s the perfect time to take a break from everything and take a vacation!

Well, a staycation at least. With the following 7 ideas, you’ll be surprised at just how much a staycation can feel like a real, well deserved holiday, even during the current circumstances.


Make a plan

A successful staycation is all about breaking routine and behaving as you would while on vacation. Like with any vacation, proper planning is required to make the most out of it. Set yourself a budget and work with it.

Do your shopping in advance, and buy all the things you need to enjoy the plans you’ve made, from activities, to special meals. If you want to avoid spending too much time cooking, try preparing a bunch of meals in advance and freezing them, ready to go when you need them!


Treat yourself

A great holiday is all about treating yourself, and there’s no reason why it should be different with a staycation. Why not splurge on a set of luxurious new bedsheets to complete that hotel vibe. Think about the meals you never get the chance to enjoy, and go crazy at the grocery store. Also consider buying some souvenirs just like on a typical vacation. New personalized mugs, wine glasses, or handmade fridge magnets are all great ideas.


Reduce the chores

Even though you’ll be staying at home, that doesn’t mean you have to continue with your usual chores. All but the most essentials can take a break — let that laundry pile up! Instead of cooking for the family, order takeout, or prepare in advance. Break your usual routine, and don’t feel guilty about it, you’re on holiday after all!

Of course, you’ll want your home to remain tidy, but split tasks between everyone. For example, each day someone will be in charge of making the beds. Make this more fun by introducing a daily turn-down service, with fancy candy or wrapped chocolates left on each pillow.


Embrace another culture

Few things compare to actually travelling to a new place and exploring a new culture, but that’s not to say you can’t embrace another culture during your staycation. In fact, you can make a themed staycation centered on a culture of your choice. Fancy discovering Greece from your armchair? Research in advance Greek recipes, download Greek music and try to source special wines and spirits from the region.


Dine inside out

If you don’t feel like cooking on your staycation, you’ll often find plenty of options for takeout. City dwellers may be spoilt for choice breakfast, lunch, and dinner, though the pickings may be slimmer in less urban areas. However, “dining out” at home is a great way to enjoy meals you wouldn’t normally cook, while supporting local businesses when they need it most.

Why not get something special to wash it all down with as well? Many craft breweries offer take-out beer delivered to your door. You can even enjoy draft beer in a growler or mini keg.


Switch off the outside world

Breaking routine is the key to a successful staycation, so try to detach yourself from the outside world. Avoid watching the news, hide away your clocks, don’t pick up the mail, and switch your out-of-office on. This can be immensely relaxing, as you remove all points of external stress, retreating into your own indoor paradise.


Have a spa day

Speaking of relaxing, why not turn your home into a spa for a few hours? Stock up on scented essential oils and candles, then draw a nice warm bath. Add the oils, grab a calming drink, set out a few choice snacks, grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, and soak in your very own aromatherapy spa to the soundtrack of your choice.

A well planned staycation can more than rival a traditional vacation, and few things are more relaxing than sleeping in your own bed at night!

— Point2homes.com