Select group works both sides of market as sales agents for various home builders

Most everyone knows that they can enlist a REALTOR® to help sell their existing home and find a “new” resale home.

However, what some consumers don’t know is that a select group of REALTORS® can simultaneously help them sell their home and get them into a new one, too. That’s because they, in addition to selling resale properties, also act as sales representatives for various builders.

Consequently, REALTORS® who work both sides of the real estate market — they’ll also be working various 2015 Fall Parade of Homes show homes until October 4 — can help first-time home owners, those looking to move up to a new dream home, and even empty-nesters looking to downsize, acquire a new home that perfectly suits their individual needs.

REALTOR® Rob Hutchison, who represents A & S Homes, said his combined experience can be a real help to buyers looking to move from an older home into one that features a more contemporary design.

“Whether it’s myself or another REALTOR® who works both the resale and new homes sides of the market, I think the first thing we do is get people to realize what they want, so we can do the best possible job of finding them the (new home) design that suits their needs,” he said.

As important as identifying the proper new home design is, there’s an even more important detail to attend to, said Hutchison. “As REALTORS®, it’s our job to educate people. In the case of someone going from an older home to a new one, we have to educate them so that they can make a practical decision. People can get lost in the excitement of purchasing a new home, so we need to educate them so they don’t just make the decision based on a whim. It’s our job to make sure the home they’re buying fits their needs – and budget.”

Long-time REALTOR® Lori Thorsteinson, who represents Parkhill Homes, said it’s a REALTOR®’s job to help people make sense out of a situation that’s exciting and often quite overwhelming.

“When a client finds out I can not only work with to them design their new home and help them sell their existing home, they find that very comforting,” she said. “By marketing their existing home and working with them on the design, co-ordination and timing of getting into their new home, I can simplify the process for them. It can take a lot of stress out of what can be a very stressful situation.”

REALTOR® Paul Saltel (Ventura Custom Homes) said REALTORS®, who work both sides of the market, can markedly reduce that stress by guiding clients through the host of details associated with selling their present home, and purchasing a new one.

“First of all, we can get your home appraised so that you know how much equity you have to put into your new home,” he explained. “We can also assist you with financing. In some cases, banks won’t give a home owner another mortgage unless their home is sold. If necessary, we can guarantee the sale of their home so that they can move forward with the purchase of the new home.”

A REALTOR®’s assistance doesn’t end there, he added. “We can also co-ordinate the possession date by arranging a guaranteed possession date with the builder. And, of course, we can work with clients to modify their new home’s design to meet all their needs.”

REALTOR® Josh Nekrep (Odessy Homes) said helping clients make the transition from the old home into their new one is a major asset. “I think being able to co-ordinate timing from the old home into the new home is one of the biggest added values of using a REALTOR® who can sell your home and work with you on a new home,” he said. “Having an agent who has experience in both areas just makes life easier on everyone.”

Like Hutchison, Nekrep said that it’s a REALTOR®’s job to educate their clients. In this case, on the fact that many REALTORS® can co-ordinate the sale of their existing home so that it meshes perfectly with the move-in date of their new abode.  

“We’re more than happy — and ready — to work with people to sell their existing home, and work with them on their new one,” he said. “Many people just see us as new homes sales representatives, but the truth is that people can use us to function as one single point of contact who can take their hand, walk them through the selling and buying process, and make it as easy as possible.”