1. Find a REALTOR® to sell your home    

The most important step for getting maximum value and exposure for your home is to find a REALTOR®. A professional REALTOR® provides quality advice, determines the best competitive price for your home and helps you every step of the way in selling your home, from listing to closing and beyond. With their extensive knowledge of your neighbourhood and their access to exclusive resources such as the WWinnipeg Regional Real Estate Board MLS® System, a REALTOR® is an integral Member of your home selling team. 

2. Maximizing your home value

After you’ve made the big decision to put your home on the market, you want it to show its best to get maximum value. Consider what can be renovated in your home to give it improved appeal to house hunters. Perhaps a new coat of paint or fresh landscaping? Performing a deep clean and decluttering is also essential. The less that a home buyer feels they have to do when they move in, the more enticing it becomes. Your REALTOR® may recommend other changes to make it stand out in the market.

3. Listing and pricing your home

Listing your home on the MLS® system guarantees exposure to every other REALTOR® working in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, by displaying its information online and making it searchable. Not only does a REALTOR® have exclusive access to the MLS® System, but they possesses the knowledge to accurately price your home and keep it competitive. Selling your home can be an emotional process, and a REALTOR® can provide an objective perspective and give you the best insight into the current market and how best to price your home. Your home will also be searchable on the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News website (www.winnipegregionalrealestatenews.com) for maximum exposure and reach.

4. Marketing your home

Your REALTOR® will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your home using a variety of methods and platforms to provide exposure to as many potential buyers as possible. From advertising in the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News print and online, to using the MLS® system, your property will be searchable to other consumers looking for their perfect home. Each REALTOR® may implement additional marketing platforms unique to them, including social media. A REALTOR® knows how to market your home to reach the maximum number of buyers. 

5. Home staging and open houses

Now that your home is on the market, you’re ready to show it off to potential buyers. Prepare your home to look its best, accentuate its features and hold a few open houses so buyers may see first-hand its value. Open houses allow a first-hand view of your home to buyers and can be essential to getting your home sold. Home stagers can give your home a modern, contemporary look allowing buyers to picture themselves living in it. Keep your house looking its best, and your REALTOR® will do the rest. 

6. Reviewing and accepting on offer on home

Congratulations! You’ve prepared your home to look its best, your REALTOR® has held open houses, and several people have come in to view it. Now someone is prepared to make an offer on your home. Your REALTOR® will guide you through this process as they present you with the offers on your home. Discuss each offer with your REALTOR® as they will give you experienced insight and advise you on your best course of action.  

7. Negotiating and counter offers

You have three options when dealing with an offer on your home. 

  1. Acceptance: If the offer presents the price you were looking for, along with an acceptable closing date and other appropriate conditions, you can accept the offer.
  2. Rejection: When the offer does meet your expectations in terms of price and/or conditions, you can reject the offer. 
  3. Counter the offer: If the offer is close, but there are some extra conditions you require (higher selling price, different closing date or other conditions), you may counter the offer. Work with your REALTOR® to draft a suitable counter offer. They will present it to the buyer's REALTOR® and begin the negotiation process. 

Negotiation means your agent will discuss with the buyer agent the conditions of the counter offer. Your REALTOR® will represent your interests and will inform you of the outcome of their discussions. This step can be intense for all parties. Your REALTOR® will guide you every step of the way and provide good advice. 

8. Home Closing Process

Success! You have received an offer on your home that meets your expectations, you’ve accepted and your house is now sold! Now you have to prepare for the final steps known as “closing.” Your REALTOR® is part of your team, even after the offers have been accepted, meaning they, along with your lawyer, will take care of the complex process involved in a closing. The closing checklist and additional costs include fees such as mortgage application fees, Land Transfer Tax, legal fees, inspections, registration and more. Your REALTOR® will explain all these closing costs and procedures and get you to your last step. 

9. Possession day

It’s moving day! Possession day has finally arrived and you’re ready to move into your new home! You can find a comprehensive moving checklist on our site. Your REALTOR® may also provide additional resources to make your moving day a smooth one, such as recommendations in terms of moving companies. Label your boxes clearly. Don’t forget to inform your cable, internet and utilities that you are moving, reroute your mail and advise key contacts such as doctors and friends.

Enjoy your new home!