Bruce Cherney, Real Estate News editor retires

Bruce Cherney, editor for the Winnipeg Real Estate News, is retiring. After 29 years at the helm of the editorial direction for not only the paper, but also the Commercial Magazine, the Condo Lifestyles Magazine and the Relator, Bruce is ready to relax and be thankful for a career that not only informed and illuminated, but also provided an important voice for Manitoba, its history and its place in Canada.
As editor for our publications, Bruce was not only responsible with ensuring the content was relevant and interesting, he was a firm believer in maintaining journalism standards and rules, establishing the Real Estate News as a publication with integrity that continues to this day. He is a stout advocate for the power and reach of the written word, whether it be communicated via paper and ink or zeros and ones, and he treated his role within the paper and as a representative of WinnipegREALTORS and organized real estate with utmost professionalism.
Bruce’s love for the written word began in Gimli, where he was born and raised. He honed his craft as a writer and reporter for various papers in the Interlake region and for the Neepawa newspaper and made his way to the Winnipeg Real Estate News as editor in June, 1989.
Over the course of over 1,500 editions of the Winnipeg Real Estate News, the range of topics covered by Bruce in his editorials and articles is staggering. Not only has he reported on the housing market of Winnipeg and Manitoba, he has covered virtually every aspect of our city and province, from its sports teams to its government; from its wildlife to its architecture. The celebrated Heritage Highlights column was created and crafted completely with his own research every week. Highlights of his work includes:
  • Operation Overlord (the code name of D-Day in World War 2)
  • Happyland (a huge amusement park in the early 1900s in Winnipeg)
  • The battle of the Wolseley Elm, and the feisty ladies who circled it arm-in-arm
  • Red River Fever (Winnipeg was once the Typhoid capital of North America)
It is a source of pride for WinnipegREALTORS and the Winnipeg Real Estate News that Bruce’s articles were recognized nationally and internationally. He has received the Heritage Winnipeg Distinguished Service Award twice, the Golden Hand Award for feature coverage of volunteer services, and the Golden Boy Award two times, for meritorious service to the community.
Bruce was also featured in a webcast for Canada’s History Magazine, and was featured in the PBS television special, Steamboats on the Red; A Story of Buccaneers and Robber Barons.
Bruce was instrumental in establishing the Winnipeg Real Estate News as a publication of integrity, knowledge and professionalism. On behalf of the association and its members, we would like to thank him for his years of service and all he brought to WinnipegREALTORS.
A full archive of Bruce’s Heritage Highlights and editorials can be found at