Open House guide survey results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey about the proposed magazine-style Open House Guide.

The Publications department appreciates all your input and comments provided by our members and will help us immensely with improving our products and the services we provide to you.    

In total 116 members responded. Below are the results based on that feedback:

1. Interest in the Open House Guide 

Almost 72% of respondents had a positive response to the proposed Open House Guide. They liked that we were looking to enhance the current open house section and were receptive to the proposed changes. The new glossy magazine format was viewed as a timely step forward for the association and something new and exciting to bring to their clients. 

Under 30% of respondents did not feel such a change was necessary for the open house section. Some comments felt we should take a “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach, while others felt more time and energy should be spent in developing a more robust digital marketing platform (which incidentally, is being created and will be announced at a future date when concepts are solidified).

2. Additional costs for the Open House Guide 

While the majority of respondents were enthusiastic of the proposed Open House Guide, only 35% of members were committed to paying the increased rate of $25 per module. Many felt this cost was prohibitive in today’s marketing world, and some felt this extra money would provide better value elsewhere with reference to digital marketing.

3. New deadlines for open house copy 

Almost 63% of respondents were willing to meet a new open house ad copy deadline of Tuesday at 3 pm. Out of the 37% who did not want the deadline to change - some felt that their clients aren’t able to commit to having an open house until the last minute, others were confident in meeting the new deadline if the need was there and would manage their clients accordingly. 


In response to these results and the comments provided to us by you, the Publications department has decided that we will maintain the current open house section in the Real Estate News as is. However, we will continue to explore new products and avenues for your marketing needs, and we will strive to enhance the paper and our magazines to meet the changing needs of our members and their clientele. 

If you have any additional comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Tracy Mainland, Director of Publications at or Ron Nebre, Communications Manager at


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