One Day Codes and Sentrilock

One Day Codes and SentriLock

It has come to our attention that some REALTORS® may be using One Day Codes inappropriately. 

A One Day Code is a code, when generated by the listing agent, that allows access to a key compartment without using the SentriCard® or SentriSmart™ App. Please be informed that the Policies and the Sale and Usage Agreement only allow REALTORS®, Appraisers and unlicensed assistants (in limited circumstances) to use SentriLock.

To clarify please take note of the following:

Appropriate uses of One Day Codes:

Providing a One Day Code to your fellow REALTORS®

Providing a One Day Code to an appraiser who is an Affiliate or Affiliate Associate of WinnipegREALTORS®

Providing a One Day Code to the owner of the home

Listing agents providing a One Day Code to their own unlicensed assistants 


Inappropriate uses of One Day Code:

Providing a One Day Code to anyone who is not on the above noted list, including, but not limited to:



Home Inspectors


Unlicensed assistants of buyer agents

Remember, you are responsible for the use of your SentriCard®, SentriSmart App™ and One Day Codes.  Improper use of One Day Codes may lead to suspension of SentriLock services, professional standards complaints and/or potential liability.