Announcements January 2018

Welcome to your hodge-podge of happenings outside of work for your co-workers.

MARATHON: Crystal and her husband, Mike, after months of rigorous training and disciplined diet, ran and completed the Toronto Half Marathon. Congratulations on finishing twenty-one kilometers of hard work and controlled breathing!


BIKER: Teresa purchased a newer Harley Davidson for her husband, Ray. Teresa's "handsome rugged biker dude" is undergoing medical treatments and "I wanted him to have something to strive for come spring," she says. Here's to seeing him roar into our parking lot when he picks you up after work, Teresa.


NEW FAMILY: Vern is going to gain both a new son and a new grandkid!


Left photo: Sheena Toews (former WRA Call Centre Employee) with fiancee Trent Kroeker

Right photo: Left to right — Kierstin (daughter) and Matthew, Sheena (daughter) and Trent, Vern, Collin (son) and Megan (with grandchild), Apollos


SHEDay: Several of our staff attended the acclaimed and inspiring SHEDay event on Friday, January 26, where they were treated to illuminating speakers and invigorating topics.

"I thought the day was great, especially the presentations by Dr Bayer and Sherri Benson Podolchuk. Their presentations were particularly inspiring. An excellent mix — dynamic speakers, exhibitors and lots of prizes (but we didn't win any)." — Cindy

"It's a fabulous opportunity for all women, no matter their age. It gives younger women an opportunity to learn from others and establish supportive networks while building their careers and provides an opportunity for those who are well established to pass down knowledge and mentor a younger generation." — Lucy

"SHEDay was a very inspirational and invigorating day for me. Dr Bayer was a highlight for me. Her presentation was enthralling. The whole room was spellbound as she took the audience on the journey of her moving story." — Shaila


SHEDay at the RBC Convention Centre

SHEDay co-founders Marina James and Mary Jane Loustel

Share. Hear. Empower: (left to right) Hayley, Wynter, Marina and Shaila


CRUISE: Ron just got back from a cruise that was also a family reunion on his wife Geraldine's, side. Over 90 people attended the reunion, with three generations present.

Pictured above: Family galore


MARRIAGE: Henry is getting married! He will be leaving for China on Friday to start a new family and will return to us in a few weeks. Congratulations, Henry!