WRA is raising the woof off

You may have noticed that we’re been having some ruff days in the office lately. Some of our pet owners have been brightening up our atmosphere by bringing in their furry friends to work, giving some of us a whole other reason to come by and visit.
(left to right: Little Duke, Buddy, Bronx, DJ, Mrs. Muggins, courtesy of Marina James with sweaters created by Val George!)
Did you know that there are several reasons why having a dog in the office can be beneficial to employees? Here are some reasons that should give you paws for thought.
The Banfield Pet Hospital did a survey from a wide range companies of different sizes and industries. They found that overall, responses to pet-friendly workplaces were viewed as highly positive, boosting morale, contribute to talent retention and provide employers a competitive edge in the recruitment process.
(Fushi, courtey of Shaila Wise)                                    (Mickey, courtesy of Crystal Hollas)
Positive Boost to Morale
The survey found that several factors that contribute to an overall positive work environment, including Improved Employee Morale, Employee Sense of Well Being, Reduced Stress for Employees and Greater Work-life Balance.
Some other additional findings from the survey:
Dogs are the most common type of pet brought into the office, with more than 95 per cent of respondents saying they are allowed at work. Cats are less acceptable in pet-friendly, with about 55 per cent saying they are allowed.
(Bacardi, courtesy of Erika Morier)
Human resource decision makers are noticing a rise in interest among employees about bringing their pets to work, with 60 per cent  aggreeing that more employees would like to participate.
For more information about this study, you can view the PDF here.