Presenting RECOM 360

RECOM 360 is the Evolution of the Call Centre
With the upcoming expansion of new communication services in addition to our current offerings, the use of the generic name “Call Centre” conjures up images of days gone by so it was time for a change.
As announced at the Annual General Meeting on March 15, 2018, the WinnipegREALTORS® Call Centre has gained a new identity as RECOM 360.
Why? Over the last year, there has been constant development in technology and workflow processes with a goal of becoming a full service communications centre. The challenge was to evolve into a department that meets our members' and their clients’ preferences with a wide range of services from traditional methods to cutting edge applications. Some of these new enhancements include a switch in the communications software that allowed us to transition from a U.S. based cloud to a local VOIP system. The result was better sound quality and added stability that is all locally based. Another addition is Support Web Chat through the Keystone portal, providing members with a first line level of support for navigational help on the services on Keystone such as Matrix, SABRE and WEBForms.  
The name RECOM 360 better reflects the requirements of our members and how they are reached by their clients. A communications hub backed by the power of current technology to maintain all aspects of connecting you one customer at a time.
With a host of options available to a wide variety of preferences, the Call Centre had to progress and adapt across various client types to stay relevant, convenient and valuable. RECOM 360 is a new name with new services being developed with the same commitment to quality and efficiency in answering calls and ensuring connections are made.
What does RECOM 360 mean? RECOM is short for Real Estate Communications. 360 represents a complete loop – promising end-to-end support. Hence the name RECOM 360, a full circle Real Estate Communications hub connecting our members and their clients in as many ways possible.
For more information please contact the RECOM 360 Manager, Barry Scott at 204-786-8858 or