Sentrilock Agent Safety Mode

Did you know that the Sentrilock app on your smartphone contains a Agent Safety Mode?  
When you open a lockbox with the app, agents will be prompted to confirm they are safe.
If the agent can not provide confirmation, an email and a text about the agent, plus your current location, will be sent to a designated emergency contact
To use Agent Safety mode, after you enter in the PIN for the lockbox, you will get a screen asking to start the agent safety monitor.
If you choose to start this feature, you will receive a Confirm Safefy window with three options (I’m okay; I’m okay, don’t ask again; and Send Alert).
If the agent does not respond to this window, it will appear again after 60 seconds.
If the agent does not respond to the second appearance of the window, the app will automatically send out an alert.
Selecting I’m okay will mute the window for 2 minutes, when it will appear again. You can repeat this action until safety is ensured.
Selecting I’m okay, don’t ask again will turn off Agent Safety mode.
Selecting Send Alert will immediately send out an email and a text with your status and location to your designated emergency contact. These alerts will contain the agent name, phone number, location and agent safety status.
For a video on the usage of the Sentrilock Agent Safety mode, please click HERE for Apple and HERE for Android
To view how to set up the Agent Safety Feature on the Sentrilock app, please click HERE for Apple and HERE for Android users.