Make every website visit count

RECOM 360 is launching the Broker/REALTOR® Web Chat service this September, offering web chat capabilities on your website so you can make every online visitor count.
For the last seven years, RECOM 360 has provided over 80% of our members using the call answering service with support to make every call count. Now we can offer that same expertise with a live web chat service. We can assist in ensuring every online visitor receives the same great service by providing general information or directing a message to their REALTOR® in real time.
Essentially, we offer the answering service but as a live chat to your potential and existing customers. The benefit as a Broker is having the administration details available to you such as visitor time of day, visitor name and email contact information accessible to you anytime.
More and more customers are becoming accustomed to and being provided the ability to multi-task and a live web chat is becoming the preferred method of choice for visitors requiring quick answers or getting connected to someone who can help. Another benefit is customers are more likely to return when there is a chat service available, so it becomes a great retention and lead generation tool on your website.
It’s definitely a move in the right direction.
Want to Know More?
Appointments are still available for an information session for your office to see how RECOM 360 Web Chat works for you. With a low cost and plenty of potential, it is simply another option to communicate that you can’t afford to ignore.
For more information or to set up an appointment on Broker Web Chat or any other RECOM 360 services, please contact Barry Scott, RECOM 360 Manager at 204-786-8858 or