REALTOR® Action Network

The REALTOR® Action Network (RAN) is our industry’s online advocacy platform built exclusively for REALTORS®. REALTORS® are the backbone of CREA’s advocacy efforts, RAN allows them to connect with their Member of Parliament (MP) to highlight the local side of real estate, from the economic impact of the industry, to the effects of federal legislation.
To make the most of our membership across the country, every REALTOR® has now been enrolled on RAN.  
While members no longer have to sign-up for RAN, they are required to enter their home postal code to be matched with their respective MP. This improvement will allow CREA to extend its reach to the entire membership and advance our federal advocacy efforts. Please log on to the REALTOR® Action Network ( to update your profile.
REALTOR® Action Network Badge
CREA is launching a new personalized RAN badge program. This new program allows members to create a personalized digital badge to demonstrate their dedication to local real estate and the importance of advocacy. Click here ( to create a badge. Share it on social media and other platforms. REALTORS® can show their colleagues and clients how devoted and committed they are to the real estate industry.
Moreover, RAN is now available for provincial associations to promote their lobbying efforts. The expansion of the RAN platform to provincial associations facilitates member engagement as they are familiar with the tool and will save time and money to the membership by reducing the duplication of effort. Stay tuned for more details on how you can increase your provincial advocacy footprint.
CREA is excited for the next step in REALTOR® advocacy to make sure homeownership remains a top priority across the country. Please do not hesitate to contact your Government Relations Committee if you have any questions.