Creative ways to thank your clients

By Sue Styles
When you complete a transaction for a client, you want to ensure that your clients continue to think well of your services and remember the good times you had. Here are four creative ways to stay in touch that offer value rather than a sales pitch. Give your clients what they want!
1. Monthly magazine subscription
Setting up your past clients on a monthly enewsletter is fine – even expected. Keeping them on a quarterly snail mail campaign will appeal to some, but adopting a gift of actual value will thrill even the most cynical receiver. For a mere $35 per year you could “gift” clients with a beautiful home magazine or decorator’s publication; they will fondly appreciate the gesture and think of you every month.
2. Annual anniversary reminder
Years go by quickly, so an unexpected reminder of a happy event is always a welcome. Whether you send a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine or dinner certificate, your clients will regard you as more than just a salesperson with that kind of attention. I also like to add in a reminder to call past buyers at their four-year anniversary and have the conversation with them. “I know that studies show people feel like moving around every five years. If and when your family starts feeling that way, don’t hesitate to reach out! And in the meantime, if you need any referrals for home updates or repairs I would be happy to send you my personal list of recommended providers….”
3. Personalized moving boxes
When you gift your clients with some kind of keepsake, whether it’s a custom-made cutting board, a picture of their home or quality moving boxes stamped with your logo, there is no doubt that when they start to think about moving they will see something that reminds them of you!
4. Pay attention online
I like to promote what I call “attentive lead generating”. What would happen if you took the time to learn what was going on in the lives of your people? You could take the opportunities to meet them where their needs are and build a positive reputation. For example, if someone loves their dogs, send them a link to the best dog parks in your city. If you notice someone is under the weather, send over a decorative tea mug, tea, throat lozenges and a note of caring. Weddings, jobs and trips all provide opportunities to send blogs of information and small thoughtful gifts and it shows that you are thinking of them as more than just a commission cheque. The No. 1 need of people, they say, is to be “known." Show your sphere that you want to know them better and you will never have to cold call again!
There are unlimited ways to show your network that you care – think up some and start reaching out.
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