RECOM 360 — Time for something new

As most have heard by now, the WinnipegREALTORS® Call Centre has changed its brand identity to RECOM 360. The name change coincides with a new perspective of providing our members with a multitude of communication platforms to keep you connected with your clients.

In a sales driven industry, it is essential to develop new platforms of communication that are beginning to evolve faster than most companies can keep up with. The concept of picking up a phone and connecting with someone is no longer the only way to go. Social media, email, text messaging and various web chat platforms are all catering to a new generation of multi-tasking buyers that can order food, merchandise and eventually will be capable of purchasing nearly anything once they have the required information.

Buyers are starting to dictate what the process will be; exploration and taking bits of information are used during their awareness stage. They are utilizing more online research, vendor websites, newsletters or emails, web chat and text messaging inquiries as their top channels to find this information. Once they’re ready to buy, they will opt to connect with a sales representative.

This is what makes the change to RECOM 360 such an exciting transformation. Providing our members with as many communication tools as possible that provides your prospective clients’ the resources to connect with you.

The name change is not the only new thing happening at RECOM 360. Watch for the launch of the RECOM 360 Broker Web Chat this summer, offering web chat capabilities that can be made available on your website. This is an exciting new service providing you with another way to connect with your prospects and clients. Like the telephone calls we take for you now, these chats will be answered by our RECOM 360 customer service representatives that can connect these chats to the REALTOR® or provide the information they need. 

Watch for the official launch date on the Keystone portal and in one of the upcoming Relator issues.

RECOM is short for Real Estate Communications. 360 exemplifies a full and complete loop – end to end support. Your full service communications centre for REALTOR® members, continuously developing to meet the demands of new and existing telecommunications technologies.