Matrix Master 2018

Technology is constantly changing around us. Are you doing everything to stay on top of it? WinnipegREALTORS® offers Matrix training courses nearly every month. To help ensure you stay informed, we encourage members to take refresher courses on Matrix. Many members retake these courses on an annual basis.
Did you know that if you save less than four minutes a day, at the end of the year you would have an entire extra day to do whatever you want! 
Positive feedback from members indicate that as much as 20 minutes or more per day have been saved using the new-found knowledge and familiarity discovered through our Matrix training sessions. Learning and Development Coordinator Vern Toews guarantees that time you spend taking these courses will come back to you many times over using these invaluable tips and tricks that make your workday more efficient and allow you to accomplish more. 
Recognition will be made for any member who participates in all four Matrix classes in a calendar year.
The following members have received the 2018 Matrix Master Designation:
John Inglis, Leslie Inglis, Linda Storoschuk, Lou Furlan, Maryana Stetsiv, Michelle Saltel, Sandy Lopston, Tara Boschman, Taran Bansal, Valeria Paxton, Carley Vocadlo, Gordon Lovell, Shelly Bhatt, Ashton Augert, Sue Deighton, Oksana Ulisko, Tanner Dueck, Kirandeep Kaur Mangat, Isabel Wolinsky, Gwen Bryson, Denise Sardo
The four available Matrix classes are:
Matrix Basics
Understand the basics of Matrix; including searching, printing, and more. Even seasoned agents are sure to learn something in this course.
Matrix Client Portal
You need this if you work with Clients. Learn to setup and manage Auto-Emails, Client Portal and understand what your client sees and how to best utilize this.
Matrix CMA/Stats
Understand all the Statistics, and how to make your own custom Charts and Graphs. Also learn how to do a full Comparative Market Analysis.
Matrix Listing Input
Learn how to enter a listing from start to finish. Upload photos, documents, update listings to reflect changes. Create ads and Open Houses.
Sign up to take any of these classes in person or online via interactive webinar.