Confirm your sales for 2018 Medallion Awards

How to confirm your sales for 2017 
Do you think you might be a Medallion Award Winner for 2017? Year end is almost here. Have you confirmed your sales to ensure that you’ll receive credit for units and dollar volume sold?
This needs to be done by December 29! 
Important: This does not give you permission to add new home or condo listings that were not on MLS® or available for other members to co-operate. Those listings should have been entered as they sold throughout the year. For those who are found putting listings on the MLS®, after the fact, simply for inclusion in year-end stats, please be advised that you may find yourself the subject of a complaint and brought to the Investigative Committee. 
How do you check? Go to My Matrix, then My Listings and click on My Off Market Listings (Residential, Commercial, Farm and Condo).  Ensure you’re getting credit where credit is due!
We won’t know what the criteria is to get into the Medallion Club until the New Year, when the stats are available.