Leadership combined with vision for a new future

The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board has a long history of engaging mayoral candidates campaigning to be the next mayor of the City of Winnipeg. Representing over 2,400 REALTOR® Members, the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board has a vested interest in connecting with candidates to learn more about their plans on matters that affect the health of the real estate market and homeownership for Winnipeggers.

This is the next submission in our special weekly feature  leading up to election day on October 26  called “A Conversation with 2022 Mayoral Candidates” where candidates share their vision. Scan the QR code above to listen to Don Woodstock’s podcast interview.

By Don Woodstock

As an owner of one of the top security companies in Winnipeg and an out-of-the-box thinker, I feel that Winnipeg has all the infrastructure it needs to create a vibrant and attractive city.

However, our resources are not managed properly to attract people because of bad politics. Diesel instead of electric buses? ‘Crime Capital’ rather than ‘Friendly Manitoba’? The Forks being referred to as “The Knives?” We must keep job and housing security as our number one goal for Winnipeggers. Food, shelter, safety. As mayor, I will ensure that we will find corporations that employ a minimum of 500 people to operate here. “Sports Capital’’ instead of “Crime Capital’’ — people will stay if the youth have a secure future.

As an environmentalist who has successfully championed the banning of plastic bags and using reusable bags, I will develop a vibrant green sector to attract business. We have CentrePort right here, we have the Hydro sector which is built on renewable energy, inexpensive land and inexpensive labour — this is all attractive to corporations. What is missing is me as mayor. My vision is a recycling plant, one-of-a-kind, that sees garbage, recyclables and compost enter at one end and finished product leaving the other that is sellable on local and international markets. 1,000 good jobs created.

To address the issue of our chronic housing shortage in this province, on August 17, I released a policy announcement stating:

• The 600+ vacant homes in the inner core being fast-tracked to new homes for families which brings back safety into the inner core and makes Winnipeg a livable, sustainable city. When the core is healthy, the city is healthy.

• A special Incentive Program to financially aid responsible homeowners & renovators.

• 7 different design-ready, “rubber stamped” architectural drawings ‘at no cost.’

Leadership with vision is a must. As a visionary, I am confident in my approach to lead a team to get these things done. Our vision that we have rolled out for this campaign is one that has seen success already with the Provincial Government’s announcement in August 2022 that they are putting $100M into sports and recreation. And on August 18, it was announced at the Sinclair Park Community Centre that the Federal, Provincial and City governments joined together to fund a new basketball court. Keep the youth engaged and they will not join gangs.

Without the right vision, governments are reluctant to buy into projects. We need to stop dumping raw sewage into the river. We need a recycling plant. What is missing is the broad, big vision that holds all stakeholders accountable.

With me as mayor, we will have a new contract for contractors: “We will no longer give you a blank cheque and pay your change order because you ask for it. You will be held accountable for your performance — and if late, you pay, not the city.” Cost overruns will be a thing of the past. We approve a price — it will be delivered on time and on budget.

A new vision going forward, not the same old. That is what I bring to the table.

Visit donwoodstock.com for more information.

The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board is a non-partisan organization that works with all elected officials in support of our Members and a better Winnipeg for all its citizens. Nothing in the podcast or this publication should be seen as an endorsement of any candidate in Winnipeg’s civic election by the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board.

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