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The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board has a long history of engaging mayoral candidates campaigning to be the next mayor of the City of Winnipeg. Representing over 2,400 REALTOR® Members, the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board has a vested interest in connecting with candidates to learn more about their plans on matters that affect the health of the real estate market and homeownership for Winnipeggers.

This is the first of our special weekly feature leading up to election day on October 26  called “A Conversation with 2022 Mayoral Candidates” where candidates share their vision. Scan the QR code above to listen to Jenny Motkaluk’s podcast interview.


By Jenny Motkaluk

All voters hope that their leaders will bring prosperity and peace to their community.

The values and principles I will stand for as Mayor of Winnipeg to deliver on voters’ hopes are built on the experience I have with our neighbourhoods and in growing the business sector. At YES! Winnipeg, I helped companies choose to invest over $135M and create more than 400 new jobs here.

• I will encourage and inspire investment, and reform City Hall to ensure efficient services.

The overwhelming majority of businesses I’ve spoken to have specified things like transit, street lights, garbage pick-up, snow clearing, on-street parking, public safety, and the attitude and culture of city departments towards handling things like building permits as the biggest barriers to their success. And they agree — the City needs to be smart about expanding and generating revenue and wealth. Winnipeg needs to be a place where young adults flock to start their careers.

• As Mayor of Winnipeg I will roll up my sleeves and make investment deals happen.

The Chief Peguis West extension should have been built years ago. It would open up a large part of Northwest Winnipeg for commercial and residential growth. The City has stalled far too long to run water and sewer lines to CentrePort Canada. Two years of tax revenue from a fully occupied CentrePort (South) would pay for the costs to connect to city services. These are the types of investments that need action, not just words.

• I will reverse the negative consequences of bad policies.

Charging impact fees on in-fill housing? Bad idea. Restrictive zoning regulations? Bad idea. The appearance of homeless people on our streets is made worse by the City. Landlords wanting to rent out affordable housing are discouraged by bureaucratic rules. I will support the people who charge affordable rents and encourage them to renovate abandoned houses and apartment blocks and get them rented to people who need a secure place to call their own.

• Businesses and residents want the City fixed. So do I.

Whether it’s snow removal, bus service, road repair, garbage pick-up — we all depend on the city to do it properly because those services support our lifestyles, and also our ambitions.

Winnipeggers should be able to see a report card that shows us things such as: How much does it cost to pick up garbage per home? How many pick-ups are missed and why? The transit budget is huge — how much does it cost per ride? A report card will tell everyone if they are getting the services they believe they are paying for. And, I will look for ways to reduce how much they pay.

• I celebrate all the things that make Winnipeg great.

Today, our city needs a 21st Century plan to grow and help everyone succeed — to support our lifestyles and ambitions and provide an opportunity to succeed. A Mayor needs values and principles to do the right thing and prepare the right plan.

That’s what I stand for.


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The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board is a non-partisan organization that works with all elected officials in support of our Members and a better Winnipeg for all its citizens. Nothing in the podcast or this publication should be seen as an endorsement of any candidate in Winnipeg’s civic election by the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board.