Multiple workstations take pressure off working and learning from home

The pandemic has changed how we do everything. Even with businesses, schools and workplaces reopening to various degrees, we are going to need effective spaces for being productive at home for some time.

To help meet your family’s needs, it’s a good idea to think creatively about all the areas of your home that could be conducive to work.

“It’s important to think about the quality of tasks each person needs to complete as well as their temperament,” suggests Clare Kumar, a productivity expert. “Keeping posture, peace and privacy requirements in mind will help guide you in creating a variety of successful workspaces at home.”

Since comfort is key to staying productive and avoiding injury wherever you work, here are a few things to think about:



Consider the kind of work that you want to do, as this will influence which furniture and tools will make the experience most effective, efficient and enjoyable. Make sure you have the furniture to sit, stand, recline and move, whether your work involves consuming, creating or collaborating. Versatile office chairs paired with sit-stand desks are great options to make sure your work area is flexible.



Consider the ability to focus on each task. Individuals vary dramatically in their ability to manage their attention, especially in stimulating environments.

If you’re an introvert or more sensitive to stimulation, you will benefit from peaceful, private and visually calm workspaces. Consider adding a door or screen for privacy, using signs to request no interruptions, or wearing noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate distractions.



Choose tools and technology to support ergonomic postures. Staples Canada offers a variety of solutions to fit each user, including sit-stand desks, footrests, anti-fatigue mats, wireless ergonomic keyboards, mice and trackpads or controllers, and device mounts to place screens in comfortable positions.



In some instances, you need a space outside of the home to combat work-from-home fatigue. Co-working spaces like Staples Studio, as one
example, have reopened across the country with extensive health and safety measures in place to get community members back to work safely and efficiently. This option is a safe and refreshing way to inspire creativity.

Ensuring that everyone has an effective space in the home to meet their studying and working requirements will ensure harmony and future success.