Design inspiration for any budget

I’ve always believed design is a personal choice. It is how your personality shines in your space. Our homes, and even places of work, should give us the ability to re-charge, unplug, and bring us back into a state of equilibrium before heading off to life’s demands.  Here are common design obstacles clients face before they hire us for design or renovations work.

Time is one of the most limited resources for many families. They want a beautiful space to come home to, but have very limited time. Home owners can either hire a professional to help transform their space or they must commit a small amount of time each week or month to working on their space. It is necessary to have an idea of what styles you like and the colours that make you feel good! There are websites like Pinterest or Houzz that can give you endless ideas

Budget is always a consideration.  You can still design beautiful spaces on a small budget. It may mean the home owner needs to spend a bit more time on the project. It might be a matter of repurposing flea market or Value Village finds. Rather than professionally framing photos or wall art, make your own frames, or buy an assortment of smaller frames and make a family or holiday collage. The key is to allocate the budget on things that you really love and get creative to achieve the look you are happy with, without spending a lot.


Colour is a huge hurdle many clients face. Some love colour but are uncertain how to put things together. Other clients are quite hesitant to use colour. There are many options when it comes to colour schemes — it basically comes down to what you are trying to achieve. A relaxed breezy beachy cottage summer look would be very different from a cool industrial urban look.

Colour plays a huge part in the overall feel of a room. Depending on the space, we could incorporate colour in tile, flooring, paint, accessories, artwork, upholstery, furniture, fabrics, décor or accessories. How comfortable someone is with colour will often determine the recommendations we make.

If you are colour “shy” it is best to use colour in things you can easily change.  Décor, toss pillows, area rugs, accent pieces are inexpensive and easy to change. Even paint can be changed in a day or two if someone is looking for a weekend project in a small space.

I would not recommend an expensive piece like a custom sofa with colour if a client is hesitant to use a lot of colour in a space. Larger expensive pieces should be neutral and easy to coordinate with many different color schemes. This gives longevity to your most expensive pieces and flexibility to change up the less expensive accents for a new look.

Clients who love colour, naturally gravitate towards their favorite “feel good colours”. So many beautiful spaces start with colour. Wallpaper and upholstery are some of my favorite materials with endless possibilities! 


Textures and patterns often scare clients. However, texture and pattern can often create a sense of luxury or tell a story you cannot do otherwise. We recently saw a new line of textured linen tile that looked incredible. It would create the most amazing statement in a bathroom or even on a fireplace in the right space. So many possibilities!

You do not need to stick to one pattern in a space. More than one pattern looks amazing if you coordinate the colour tones. Textures can have a huge impact on the feel of a space.

Wood and stone and metal is very natural and rustic. However, it can be a cold look. Add some beautiful soft fur throws and fur toss pillows to soften the hard elements of metal and stone. Counter balance the opposing elements in the design for a cohesive comfortable feel.

Rough edge wood is in. We see it everywhere in tables, artwork, and décor.  Combine with a leather chair for one look, an upholstered chair for a different, softer look. Add a plush area rug under foot and you have just softened the space even more. Texture and pattern play a huge roll in the overall feel of a space. Have fun with it.

As always, enjoy your space. It should be your personal oasis to recharge, relax and just make you feel great! Everyone needs a time out from the hectic pace of our busy lives. There is nothing better than a beautiful space that makes you feel like there is no place you would rather be! Grab a coffee or glass of wine, put your feet up and just relax and enjoy!

Angie Kendel is the owner of Maximum Impact Plus and KAT Reno.  Feel free to contact us at  204-668-7500