REALTOR® display at Home Expressions

One thing WinnipegREALTORS® drives home in its monthly MLS® market releases is that you need to call a REALTOR® if you want to really know what is going on in the current market. The MLS® market release is an overview of how the entire market region performs, including Winnipeg and the outlying rural municipalities.  

REALTORS® possess the market knowledge, access to detailed market metrics and expertise to help you manage the risk and achieve the best result.

An excellent opportunity to talk to a REALTOR® without any preconceived notions or commitments is at this weekend’s Home Expressions Home and Garden Show at the RBC Convention Centre. The Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) and WinnipegREALTORS® have joined together to be the presenting sponsor.  

To this end, they have put together a striking display in the centre of the third floor. There are various images illustrating the diversity of Manitoba’s terrain.It even shows the iconic image of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and notes the fact that REALTORS® from across the country raised $2 million in support of this national museum. 

There is also a large video wall highlighting various community outreach programs REALTORS® are involved in throughout Manitoba and Canada through the national REALTORS Care® program.

An entire panel is dedicated to MREA’s Shelter Foundation, which is owned by every REALTOR® in the province. Together, REALTORS® continuously raise funds to support shelter-related causes and charities that improve the quality of life for Manitobans. In just a few short years, the foundation has already raised over a half million dollars for many well-known shelter organizations.  

A golf tournament, fishing derby and a Winnipeg-style Gimme Shelter social, where REALTORS® come out and entertain each  other, are just a few of the ways money is raised so that Manitobans can have better shelter outcomes.

Two more programs mentioned on the display are Manitoba Tipi Mitawa and the Housing Opportunity Partnership (HOP). Both support creating home ownership opportunities, with the former focusing on assisting First Nations people living off-reserve in realizing the dream of homeownership. The latter program targets neighbourhood renewal in Winnipeg’s West End by completely refurbishing or building new infill homes for first-time buyers with low to modest incomes. Both programs have clearly demonstrated the power and positive impact homeownership has on improving lives and neighbourhoods.

The REALTORS® volunteering to work the display this weekend will have at their disposal a few interactive tablets to take you to see MLS® listings and other relevant REALTOR®-related websites you may  be interested to learn about.  

Publications, such as the Real Estate News and the new Condo Lifestyle magazine, will be available, as well as others. The Canadian Real Estate Association has an excellent booklet, The Homebuyers’ Road Map, which focuses on how your REALTOR® can navigate you through all of the complexities of purchasing a home. For example, did you know there is a federal government first-time home buyers’ tax credit of $750? 

Another newly-printed and updated publication from WinnipegREALTORS® is called What a REALTOR® Can Do for You! Besides an extensive list of all the various steps involved with a REALTOR® working with a buyer, there are 132 potential steps that a REALTOR® can do to help you sell your property. 

Feel free to ask a REALTOR® a question you may have about the current real estate market and what you may want to do to improve your house so that when it does come time to sell it, you are well positioned to stand out from other homes on the market. 

In their first year of being presenting sponsor, MREA and WinnipegREALTORS®  are proud to have teamed up with Renovations Plus to offer a $10,000 renovation draw. It is definitely an offering you won’t want to pass up when dropping by the display. 

As well, buy two tickets for $5 for the opportunity to win the show’s grand prize draw of a backyard retreat. All proceeds go to Special Olympics Manitoba.  

Go to for more details. 

See you there!