5 Mother’s Day crafts for kids that are easy and fun

While my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day is a spa treatment and someone else cooking dinner for me, most of us with young children will likely be doing an activity together.

Here are some very easy, fun and pretty DIY crafts that you can do together on this special day.


Coffee Filter Flowers

Kids will love crafting these flowery candy dishes with an item that is probably essential to your household and sanity — coffee filters.

To make: Submerge regular-size white coffee filters (you’ll need four to six for each flower) in a watered-down Rit Dye solution like Petal Pink; dry completely. Cut into flower shapes of various sizes, and stack largest to smallest. Attach at centers with craft glue. Glue a homemade or store-bought candy cup or cupcake cup to the center of each. Fill with candy, preferably chocolate (Right?), and eat.


Egg Carton Wreath

Who doesn’t have empty egg cartons around? Turn the common paper or styrofoam egg carton into flowers and then attach them to a wreath form to create the perfect gift for the mom that loves flowers. If you don’t have a form, cut a donut shape out of cardboard.

To make: Cut each egg cup apart from each other. Notch and cut decorative edges with scissors. Dye or paint cups whatever colours you like, or leave the paper ones natural for a striking all-white look. Attach cups and additional craft paper leaves to a painted craft ring with craft or hot glue.


Photo Coasters

Mom will enjoy her first cup of coffee or tea even more when she looks down and sees her child’s smiling face looking up at her.

To make: Start by printing a photo (either in black & white or color) on paper that is 1/4-inch smaller than a glazed white tile. Brush the back of the photo with glossy Mod Podge and place on the tile, making sure it’s centered. Brush the top of the photo with Mod Podge to seal. Allow to dry completely before using.


Lavender Sachets

This is a wonderful way to preserve antique handkerchiefs that are just lying unused in a drawer. Much nicer than actually utilizing them to wipe a runny nose. This is a fun method to teach your kids basic hand sewing skills. If you really want a challenge, learn how to embroider the designs yourself.

To make: Cut a 2”x4” rectangle from a handkerchief or piece of fabric. If you’re using a handkerchief, cut so that the fancy embroidery in the corner will come out on top. Fold in half crosswise with the pattern facing inward. Stitch two sides closed; turn pouch right-side out. Fill with dried lavender. Hand-stitch the opening closed.


Tin Can Plant Pots

Mom will have the prettiest windowsill or garden on the street thanks to these personalized planters. There’s no limit to how the kids can decorate these. Just don’t use paper if they’re meant to go outdoors. This is another project that utilizes easily-found items from around your home.

To make: Remove the lids from used tin cans of any size. Be sure there are no sharp edges left behind. Decorate with acrylic paint or leftover house paint. If these are meant for indoors, even easier. You can add stickers, pipecleaners, lace and pompoms. You could even use some of your egg carton flowers to glue to the front of each.


Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, believe that you are a good mother and have earned your special day!