How to balance work and family this summer

With the majority of regular summer group activities canceled, working parents are shifting gears from taking on the roles of teachers to summer camp counselors. The good news? This could be a great opportunity to breathe real connections and the art of storytelling back into our homes.


Take a break — you need it!

For the majority of people, there’s no doubt that distance learning was a difficult transition. However, it did create a framework for some type of structure during the week for the kids. Now, we can decompress, regroup and reflect.


Find easy ideas to entertain at home

Alternating between digital and outdoor recreation will largely depend on the weather, your budget and availability. Remember that everyone’s family looks different. Stop comparing your lifestyle to another parent who’s somehow baking bread, planning crafts and hosting educational nature hikes.

Instead, set small goals for yourself and your family. Being more mindful of screen time and simply squeezing in a 30-minute walk at a local park is a great start. Here is a list of fun craft projects you can do with your kiddos to keep them busy this summer.


Plan a (safe) vacation

With so many of your summer plans being canceled (not to mention, the increasing day-to-day living expenses), you might be wondering how you’re going to pull off your annual family vacation.

Many people are leaning into “driveable” outdoor vacations that involve camping and lots of fresh air. Check out this guide for novices that might just inspire you to try embracing the great outdoors this summer.

The most important part is to remember that we’re all sorting through this in our own way, and that life isn’t “cancelled.” Every season of life gives us new challenges, so let’s challenge ourselves to grow into better families with deeper connections.

— News Canada