Don’t forget to deep clean these six areas in your home

To deep clean your house is to give it that top-to-bottom, take-no-dust-bunny-prisoners type of cleaning that truly maintains the value of your home.

Here are frequently overlooked areas that a little spit and polish wouldn’t hurt. Luckily you don’t have to budget out a large amount of time to clean these areas; it should take you no more than a weekend to make these parts of your home sparkle.


1. De-bug the light fixtures

See that bug burial ground within your overhead fixtures? Turn off the lights and carefully remove fixture covers, dump out flies and wash with hot soapy water. While you’re up there, dust the bulbs. Dry everything thoroughly before replacing the cover.


2. Vacuum heat vents and registers

Dirt and dust build up in heat vents and along register blades. Vents also are great receptacles for coins and missing buttons. Unscrew vent covers from walls or pluck them from floors, remove foreign objects, and vacuum inside the vent. Clean grates with a damp cloth and screw back tightly.


3. Polish hardware

To deep clean brass door hinges, handles and cabinet knobs, thoroughly wipe with a damp microfiber cloth, then polish with brass cleaner. Dish soap shines up glass or stainless steel knobs. Use a cotton swab to detail the ornamental filigree on knobs and handles.


4. Replace grungy switch plates

Any amateur can wipe a few fingerprints off cover plates that hide light switches, electric outlets, phone jacks and cable outlets. But only deep cleaners happily remove plates to vacuum and swipe the gunk behind. Make sure cover plates are straight when you replace them. And pitch plates that are beyond the help of even deep cleaning. New ones cost less than $2 each.


5. Deep clean weather stripping

Peeling, drooping weather stripping on doors and windows makes rooms look old. If the strip still has some life, nail or glue it back. If it’s hopeless, cut out and replace sections, or just pull the whole thing off and start new. A 10-foot roll of foam weather stripping costs $8; 16-foot vinyl costs about $15.


6. Replace stove drip pans

Some drip pans are beyond the scrub brush. Replacing them costs about $3 each and instantly freshens your stove.