What to consider when purchasing new window coverings

Good quality window coverings offer countless features and options with an extensive selection of fabrics and lift systems available to suit any family and any budget. Window coverings can address various concerns in your home other than the most obvious, covering your windows. If you are considering new window coverings, what are some things to consider?

The most common reasons people invest in new window coverings is either a move into a new home or a recent renovation that requires a finishing touch. However, some window coverings can also have a significant impact on lowering your energy bill! If you have recently installed new windows, adding good quality window coverings like the Hunter Douglas Duette can keep 40% more cold out during cold winter months and 80% of the heat out during the blistering months of summer! We saw a measurable drop in our heating bill when we installed these at our old cottage. The bonus savings in the energy bill is one way to recoup the investment in your window coverings.

Privacy is a huge consideration when purchasing window coverings. Options range from a complete blackout option to a simple sheer, allowing you to choose the exact level of opacity that is right for you. Many clients prefer bedrooms to have a blackout feature whereas dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms often have some level of shadowing when closed. This allows for privacy while still allowing filtered natural light. Something many clients are not aware of is the UV protection offered by good quality window coverings that protect your flooring and furniture. We have seen some significant discoloration on hardwood flooring and furniture that is in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Often too late, customers recognize the damage caused by the sun. Many styles offer the option to have the blind vanes open allowing light through while having a sheer UV filtering fabric that still protects your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays. This can eliminate the glare on TVs and for guests while entertaining. Many restaurants sport roller shades with this feature, allowing guests to see out but blocking the sun from blinding the guests. An added bonus of the blackout feature is keeping the kids sleeping in a bit later on the weekends! If they wake and the room is still dark, chances are they won’t come running into your room as early! Let’s face it, every busy parent could use a little extra rest on the weekends!

Child safety has been a recent focus in the window coverings industry. As a result, corded lift systems are no longer available. The lift systems available vary by brand but you will find that there are many options that are both manual and motorized. The Ultraglide lift system from Hunter Douglas is a fabulous option for anyone with arthritis or fine motor dexterity concerns. One simple tug and the motorization is activated to lift or lower your blind. Ultraglide offers the ease of motorization without the heavy price tag. Another Cadillac of lift systems is the Hunter Douglas PowerView Option – a completely motorized system that can be preprogrammed to raise and lower your window coverings at different times of the day to protect your home from harmful effects of the sun even when you are not home. It connects with the Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo for the fully automated household. It can be hardwired into your electrical during a new build or it can run off a battery wand for a pre-existing space to eliminate any unsightly wires. An additional bonus is the security feature of having the window coverings raising and lowering at different times of the day whether you are home or not, giving the illusion someone is at home and keeping would be burglers looking elsewhere.

Good quality window coverings are an investment! You should consider things like warranty, professional installation, knowledgeable staff, in home shop service and repair/post sale services. You want to ensure you are dealing with a manufacturer, like Hunter Douglas, that has been around for many years. They should have a great track record of innovative cutting-edge products and well-established post sale service.

Selecting colors in your home is the best way to ensure you have the best color matches. Selecting colors in store and never trying them in your home rarely works as well as you hope. You wouldn’t believe how many “white” options there are, and each is just a tad different than the last! How long you plan to remain in the home may have an impact on the window coverings you choose to invest in. However, down the road when you sell good quality window coverings do add value to your home! For more information on Window Coverings check out our website at www.maximumimpactplus.com or book at appointment to visit our showroom!