Tips for your laundry room reno from Mike Holmes

An organized and well-designed laundry room can make everyday chores quicker and easier. Refreshing this space is a great project for spring. As Canada's most trusted contractor and handyman, Mike Holmes has seen it all — from faulty venting to amateur plumbing to flooring gone wrong. Here he shares his expertise so you can avoid laundry room letdown.

Make a plan and make it right. As with any home renovation, planning is the key to success. Know the timing and budget for your project, but be flexible. Leave time and money for unexpected delays and surprise discoveries once you get underway.

Think multifunction. As you prepare your design and layout, consider all the steps involved in doing laundry, and how you might want to incorporate them into the space. Do you hang a lot of your clothes to dry? Want to fold clothes right in the space? Need shelving for storage? Mapping out what you want before work begins will ensure the final product is a multifunctional room that meets all your needs.

Bring in the professionals. Wiring and plumbing are not DIY projects. Enlist the help of licensed tradespeople who have the necessary permits and qualifications to do the job right. This will help avoid any unnecessary repair costs down the road and prevent safety issues.

Select the right appliances. Spend as much time choosing your appliances as you do your paint colour, and look beyond style to find functionality that will make your life easier. Top-load laundry pairs, like GE Appliances' Designer Line Evolution, are making a big comeback because of their ergonomic design, reliable performance and the fact that they don't retain moisture, which can lead to issues with mould and mildew.

Finish with flooring. You want to choose a material that's going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Holmes' personal pick for this room is tile because it's durable, relatively low maintenance and very easy to clean.