What difference does home staging make?

Why do some homes attract top offers while others can barely command offers below asking price? How exactly does staging impact the sale process?

First, staging a home starts well before the home is listed. Many of our most successful projects have us in weeks or months in advance. We work closely with the Realtor to recommend top priorities. This can be anything from de-cluttering, painting, repairs, updates, or anything that will make the home more appealing to buyers. Our goal is to help the home sell faster and for the best possible price. Staging is a process where we work closely with the Realtor and the home owner to fine tune the property prior to listing.

Many of our clients regularly update their homes. They have invested in beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, updated flooring and neutral current paint colours that appeal to a majority of buyers. Their homes have been meticulously maintained. They have beautiful, eye catching light fixtures and well-chosen colour tones that blend beautifully. They are more than happy to do whatever it takes to get the best price for their home. The exterior has the same attention to detail. Exteriors are painted, lawns are groomed, the curb appeal speaks to buyers and draws them into the home. These sellers understand the importance of keeping their homes current and move-in ready.

The icing on the cake

Home staging is the final interior touch. It shows buyers how amazing a space can look! It is about buyers entering your home and immediately being hit with a “wow factor!” Staging a home that has been updated and meticulously prepared for sale, is the elaborate icing on the cake. It is the final touch of a professional designer, that blends the furniture and décor with the colors and features in the room in a way that is stunning and memorable.

Your home becomes the most memorable home buyers have seen in days. Buyers can easily see themselves living in this beautiful home and they want it! They are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it theirs!

Homes that are vacant often leave buyers wondering where to place furniture or if their furniture will even fit. You may have all the updates to the home, but without furniture it is still a cake with no icing. It may have the right ingredients, but it doesn’t look very special. When a home is staged, it not only gives an immediate “wow”, it also shows buyers how great the space can look. As the market becomes more competitive for sellers, the fewer potential objections the better the chance of offers or even multiple offers!

Make a great first impression

If homes need fresh paint, or the yard is overgrown and weeds are visible, it simply does not give a good first impression. Buyers want a home that sellers care about, not one that has been neglected. Take the time to declutter, add fresh paint, keep the yard and gardens well maintained to ensure your home makes a good first impression.

Homes that have very outdated features like dated wallpaper, or old counters, flooring or dated tile can really effect how buyers see the home. The more work is required for a buyer, the less desirable a home becomes.

The price needs to reflect the amount of work required in the home. The more work a home needs, the lower the price needs to be to attract buyers.

Finally, when a seller refuses to declutter or prepare their home for sale, it rarely shows as well as other homes. How we live in a home is very different from how we show a home for sale. Take the time required to ensure you showcase your home before listing.

Look at comparable properties

The reality is your home will only get offers that are reasonable based on other properties in your area that have recently sold. As much as you may want the best price possible, it is important to look at comparable properties and understand why your Realtor recommends the appropriate list price. There is nothing worse than expecting a higher price for your home and getting significantly lower offers. Home staging helps with property presentation but if your home doesn’t have comparable updates to homes selling for more, staging will not change the basic features of your dated home. You either need to update to justify the higher price or accept a lower price as market conditions dictate. If you need assistance, speak to your Realtor or give us a call at Maximum Impact Plus.

Angie Kendel is the owner at Maximum Impact Plus Home Staging & Interior Decorating. Your can follow Angie on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for inspiration and design ideas.