Maximize your selling price with proper preparation and staging

by Angie Kendel

Frequently, Realtors are asked the question “Do I really need to do all this preparation to get my home ready for sale? Does it really make a difference?” The simple answer is a loud and resounding yes! In fact, statistics tell us that most sellers spend between $2500 - $5000 in preparing their home for sale. This includes addressing things like deferred maintenance or repairs, cleaning, or even home staging.

Realtors want to ensure they get the best price for their clients’ homes. We, as home stagers, need to present your home at its best. When a home looks its best, it attracts more potential buyers.

The goal of preparation is to remove as many potential buyer concerns as possible long before the buyer ever walks in the door. This ensures buyers are impressed and excited when they see your home.

Most buyers prefer homes that are move-in ready. There is enough stress with moving and adding additional repairs or renovations after move-in is simply more than many buyers wish to tackle.

Showing buyers a move-in ready home, showcased to its full potential, leaves buyers impressed and excited. Excited buyers write top dollar offers!

Preparation is everything

We recently worked with two clients in the preparation of their homes. The first was in Bridgwater Forest. The home had been previously on the market last year and did not sell. The owner was concerned it would take anywhere from 3-6 months to sell when they relisted their home.

We worked closely with their listing Realtor to identify potential objections buyers may have. We did some minor repairs to the home, through our partner company KAT Reno, and then staged the home to create that “Maximum Impact” on first impression. The home sold in five days during the blizzard this past weekend! The owner was absolutely thrilled! We honestly love these testimonials. Preparation is everything!

A little investment goes a long way

The next example was an older home in Elmwood that sold in February 2018. We had worked with the Realtor and their client prior to listing. Some repairs and painting was required.

We recommended paint colours that were universally appealing and removing some of the excess items from the home. We staged the home with furniture and décor to showcase the best features of the home.This home sold in a week for $35,000 over list price! They prepared the home for sale for approximately six weeks, invested less than $5,000 in painting, repairs and home staging costs and made an additional $35,000; that’s $30,000 after the cost of preparing the home. How long does it take you to make an extra $30,000?

Take the time to listen to your Realtor and Home Stager. Our goal is to get your home sold quickly and for the best possible price. A little preparation goes a long way towards reaching this goal.

Colour plays an important role

All too often, we tend to think our homes look just fine. We don’t see the clutter or the damage on the walls. Unfortunately, buyers see these things and it makes your home less appealing. A paint job is one of the easiest ways to freshen up a home before sale.

It is important to choose colours that work with the furniture and decor that will be in the home for showings. We need to create a cohesive feel that flows from room to room.

Colour plays an important role in a home. Colours that do not work together or that are too dark will not show the space at its best. Accent walls can be quite stunning in dark colours but the décor and colours in the space need to create the right effect.

It’s sometimes hard to trust a Home Stager or a Realtor when they tell you your home would look better if you did a few things. However, we are professionals who do this every day. We’ve seen thousands of homes and have a much better frame of reference in terms of what a property must look like to generate top dollar!

Maximize your sale price

For many homeowners, our home is our single largest investment. It takes very little effort to ensure we maximize the sale price when we sell. Those extra dollars should go to the seller, to spend on their new home, new appliances, a vacation, even a new car! When it comes time to sell, listen to the professionals who want to help you maximize your homes’ selling price!

A little preparation for that Maximum Impact, can pay significant returns in your bank account! The Spring Market is fast approaching, finish up those last-minute details as quickly as you can. If you require assistance, we are always happy to help. Happy Selling!