Certain mowers able to recycle clippings

Properly recycled grass clippings from mowing will not add to thatch.

There are a number of good reasons for recycling grass clippings. First, it eliminates a lot of work in bagging the grass clippings and setting out the bags on garbage collection days. 

Second is the contribution to the water volume in landfill sites. It is estimated that during the growing season yard waste can contribute as much as 50 per cent to landfill volume.  

Third, by recycling grass clippings back into the soil, less fertilizer will be required and more moisture will be retained, thus promoting deep root growth.

Dead grass on the surface of the soil is in itself thatch. Grass clippings can contribute to thatch, but only when too much fertilizer is used or when frequent “shallow” watering is done.  This encourages prolific growth that results in more grass clippings than can be transformed into soil. It also causes grass roots to spread horizontally in the “thatch layer” rather than go down deep into the soil.

Thatch is a layer of organic material, roots, etc., that exists between the green layer and the soil.

 To avoid grass contributing to thatch, the secret is to water deeply and infrequently, stay away from excessive amounts of quick-release fertilizers and mow frequently using the proper mower.

There is a type of mower that is specifically referred to as a “Recycler.” This type of mower uses a special blade and patented deflectors or “kickers” to process grass clippings into fine slivers.  

The position and angle of the kickers help to suspend the grass clipping long enough so that the special blade can cut them up. Then the slivers of grass are forced into the soil, virtually disappearing and adding to the nutrients of the soil.  

After a mowing with this special mower, the yard looks as if you had bagged all the grass clippings.

Mowing frequently allows the mower to do its job of cutting up the grass properly. 

Another advantage is the 5.5 horsepower delivered by the engine that generates the necessary power for even tough mowing conditions. The GTS engine is also guaranteed to start on the first or second pull. 

A larger air cleaner results in better combustion. It’s even quieter than most other engines of the same size because of a larger muffler.

Shop around for your next mower. Regardless of the mower you choose, ensure that it has a good warranty and will do the specific job that you want to make your lawn look thick and healthy.