Five principles of quality of life


Earlier this month, REALTORS® from across the country participated in a Quality of Life symposium in Ottawa. 
What is quality of life? It is about creating communities where everyone can thrive. It starts with a job, having a roof over your head and preferably a range of choices in housing accommodation, design, style and price. It also means having the opportunity to live in communities with clean, safe neighbourhoods, good schools and efficient transportation.
REALTORS® in Manitoba have embraced the quality of life philosophy which includes five principles: ensuring economic vitality, providing housing opportunities, preserving our environment, building better communities and protecting property owners.
At this year’s symposium, there were two-issue panel discussions, and then a report by various boards and associations from across Canada on what they are doing in their respective jurisdictions. Former MP Chuck Strahl made a presentation on the importance of collaboration in reaching goals to strengthen quality of life for Canadians. It was followed by an issue panel on marijuana grow operations (grow-ops) and another on the future of municipal taxation. 
The first panel focused on what policy changes are needed by all three levels of government to ensure proper disclosure and remediation of properties formerly used to produce drugs. The second panel focused on the impacts of municipal taxation and tax changes municipalities are making.
Lorne Weiss, chair of Manitoba Real Estate Association’s political action committee, participated on the municipal taxation panel. 
Harry De Leeuw presented a video on the Tipi Mitawa aboriginal homeownership program, which the MREA has embarked upon in partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. He showcased a number of the families who have directly benefited from the program, which has the potential to be  adopted in other provinces. 
WinnipegREALTORS® participated in a recent announcement with Mayor Sam Katz, Economic Development Winnipeg CEO Marina James. 
A new web portal called NOW, Neighbourhoods of Winnipeg (, was developed by the three organizations. 
NOW clearly fits in with promoting Winnipeg’s quality of life and has the opportunity, through the economic development section, to attract new investors to our city.  Under this economic development section, commercial members of WinnipegREALTORS® are posting their listings. There is also a link to WinnipegREALTORS® where all of the up-to-date MLS® listings can be readily accessed.
“This site is a terrific resource and will make it easier for people do business within the city of Winnipeg,”said Mayor Katz. 
Richard Dettman said the partnership “... is an example of working together to make Winnipeg a city we, and others considering relocating here, will be proud to call home.”
“NOW is a tool our citizens can use to learn more about Winnipeg and discover what makes our neighbourhoods unique, creative, and culturally diverse,” said James.
The new web portal supports building better communities and ensuring economic quality of life principles. It may also lead to providing housing opportunities, as it should stimulate future neighbourhood development with the partners involved. 
Check out your neighbourhood. You will likely learn something new about it.