Winnipeg’s West End changing for the better

The West End is on the move.
A lot has happened in the West End since Housing Opportunity Partnership (HOP) began its community revitalization,  including a marked increase in residential property values. When HOP began to scale-up its efforts in the 2000s on streets such as Home and Simcoe, there arose a sense of accomplishment and a contribution toward a change for the better. 
Actual MLS® residential-detached average prices for the two main West End MLS® areas, the easternmost area in particular, show how home prices have gone up dramatically. As of the end of April this year, the MLS® area east of Arlington Street has gone up from $28,522 in 2000 to $121,501. The westernmost West End MLS® area has had its average house price rise from $54,090 in 2000 to $176,702.
It is not all about the renewal and reinvestment in the housing stock in the West End. There are commercial building changes as well. One of the most notable changes in this regard is the new Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex slated to officially open later this year. 
One of the key agents of change in the West End is the West End BIZ. Its Portage Avenue office is just across the street from this new institutional building addition. 
The following article is by West End BIZ executive-director Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner.
So you thought you knew 
the West End?
The West End is full of hidden gems and offers some of the best value in the city. Six neighbourhoods make up the West End: Central Park, Daniel McIntyre, Minto, Spence, Sargent Park and St. Matthews. Wide, tree-lined streets offer large homes, many newly renovated, resulting in rising property values. 
There is a real community feel to the neighbourhoods, with families and first-time homeowners moving in next door to warm welcoming neighbours who have spent their entire lives here. 
More recently, you can now find several new and converted condo developments, appealing to the young professionals and students flocking to the area.
Adding to the charm, this is still the most culturally diverse area in Winnipeg, with many newcomers settling in to begin their Canadian stories here. Historically, this is also where many Winnipeg families can still trace their roots back to, since waves of immigrants have been making their homes in the West End since its earliest days. 
As a mostly residential area, it is home to 35,500 residents and 1,000 businesses and non-profit organizations, spanning 220 city blocks. 
 There are a wide variety of unique shops and services throughout the West End, ready to meet every need. In addition to several big chain grocery and convenience stores, you will find old style corner stores and an extensive selection of ethnic specialty food shops — Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian, Filipino, Ethiopian, Italian and more. 
Amenities like the expansive Cindy Klassen Recreation Centre, West End library, Sherbrook Pool, revamped Central Park, University of Winnipeg gym athletic centre (with membership discounts for area residents) and the West End Cultural Centre add to the community’s appeal. 
Over 90 restaurants offer menu options for a delicious and cultural dining experience. Area icons Jeanne’s Bakery, Mordens’ of Winnipeg, Homer’s Restaurant, De Luca’s, Independent Jewellers and Prairie Stained Glass are long-time favourites of all Winnipeggers.
The West End is centrally located between downtown and St. James. Many major arteries pass directly through the West End, making it easy to quickly access most parts of the city and the airport. With so many major routes, the West End also has great public transit/bus coverage.
A healthy and thriving business environment with continued economic growth serves as a stabilizing force for the community, inviting further investment and visitors. The West End Business Improvement Zone’s (BIZ) programs naturally benefit the area’s residential base. A year-round maintenance and graffiti removal team helps ensure the area looks its best. 
A Safety Patrol program serves as additional “eyes and ears” for the city’s police and a ready resource for all types of public assistance. 
Other programming includes area marketing, award-winning murals and tours to create visitor traffic, public space enhancements such as the International Village Gateway feature at Ellice and Balmoral, and a variety of promotions and publications.
This area, on the move up for several years now, offers a lot more than you think for both residential and business.  Intrigued? 
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