Information on real estate courses

by Janet Clarkson

Just as the number of house sales and selling prices climb, so is enrollment in the salespersons’ licensing education program. 

Since the Manitoba Real Estate Association introduced the new salespersons’ licensing education program in 2000, enrollment in the first of three required courses has increased from 158 in 2000 to 370 in 2006. Judging by enrollment so far this year, 2007 is on track to exceed 2006. 

The salespersons’ licensing education program, entitled Real Estate as a Professional Career, consists of three phases or courses which must be successfully completed in succession. Some of the topics covered include: The Real Estate Profession, Real Estate Mathematics, Property Ownership and Land Titles Systems in Manitoba, Construction, Agency Law, Contract Law, The Real Estate Brokers Act, Property Evaluation, Mortgage Financing, Listing Agreements and Offers to Purchase. 

Following successful completion of the three courses, a student registers with the Manitoba Securities Commission. But first, he or she must be employed by a real estate brokerage firm in Manitoba. Following registration, the real estate salesperson must successfully complete the Real Property Law course within the first year and Principles of Appraisal during the second year. 

When most people think of real estate, they think of the buying and selling of existing houses — commonly known as residential resales. But residential

real estate is only one of several areas where a real estate practitioner might specialize. Other areas of specialization include new home sales, condominium sales, commercial sales, farm and

recreational/cottage sales, and property management. 

What does a typical day look like for a real estate salesperson? There are very few typical days for most real estate practitioners. Morning routines may involve reviewing the previous day’s work, keeping up-to-date on notices from the brokerage firm and the real estate board, preparing advertisements, logging on to the MLS® system to check out new listings and sales, touring new properties for sale and contacting prospective clients. 

Active salespeople generally have a number of clients in different stages of decision-making. Time management and organizational skills are a must. How much time is required for this afternoon’s buyer? What is needed for tonight’s listing appointment? What about the out-of-town prospect? 

As the day unfolds, plans turn into action. Listings are prepared and offers are drafted — time-consuming, detailed work that demands absolute legal accuracy. Often, buyers and sellers wrestle with decision-making into the evening hours. To keep a healthy balance in your life and enough time for your family and friends, you need to carefully plan and wisely manage your time. 

Obtaining listings is one of the biggest day-to-day challenges. Listing a property requires a systematic, knowledgeable approach  along with perseverance and determination. At first, your listings may come from relatives, friends and business associates. As your ability and confidence gradually grow, you will make new contacts. Over time, you will enjoy a more reliable source of business through referrals and repeat customers. Diligence, honesty, and integrity always pay off in the long run.

As in other industries, technology is becoming an increasingly important tool when selling and buying real estate. A case in point: every year REALTORS® from across the province come to an October technology conference and trade show. October 17 marks the WinnipegREALTORS® Association’s fifth annual trade show. At the trade show, REALTORS® receive updates on innovative technology solutions to help them provide value-added services to their clients.  They also receive timely updates on national Intranet developments, including WEBForms and REALTOR Link™.

For additional information on real estate education, contact The Manitoba Real Estate Association, Second Floor, 1240 Portage Ave., Winnipeg MB; phone 772-0405.

(Janet Clarkson is with the Manitoba Real Estate Association.)