Board hires Commercial Division manager

The Winnipeg Real Estate Board has hired a full-time Commercial Division manager to effectively carry out an ambitious strategic plan.

The job description includes promoting new membership and ensuring existing members are well served through a vastly improved on-line commercial property information exchange (the Commercial Division equivalent of MLS®) and providing other technology-related tools.

The new manager will also liaise closely with counterparts across the country to usher in more value-added services, maintaining the division’s lead role as a sponsor of the internationally renown Certified Commercial Investment Management program (CCIM) and putting on other professional education sessions. 

The job also calls for the new staff member to aggressively pursue local partnerships and initiatives to benefit both commercial REALTORS® and the city, and step up when required to offer commercial real estate expertise. For example, ensuring assessment of commercial property is fair, accurate and equitable.

“Winning the National Commercial Council Merit Award (earlier this year) motivated me and others at the board to do as our NCC and other major real estate boards have done — to have a full-time qualified commercial division manager on board to build a successful commercial REALTOR® operation in an important sector of the local economy,” said WREB Commercial Division chair Martin McGarry.

“Like any other business, we need the proper staffing and resources to deliver a consistent quality service,” he added.

Crystal Gloor, BA, LL.B, steps into the newly-created position. She most recently managed a local commercial real estate office while holding a real estate license. She has passed her law degree though never was called to the bar. 

Crystal is well acquainted with the division’s commercial property database, other software programs, commercial issues and the unique nature of the business.

“ I am excited about being in a ground floor opportunity where there is so much potential to help commercial REALTORS® deliver top notch professional services to their clients,” said Gloor. “I know the Winnipeg Real Estate Board is well thought of locally and nationally. This latest move will further its reputation as a progressive association prepared to do what is needed to get the job done right.”

The WREB’s Commercial Division has been in operation since the early 1970s. It has its own executive council, bylaws, membership requirements, distinct education and program offerings, and an on-line commercial property information exchange database (cpix) that is exclusive to division members. cpix is the most current, complete and accurate database for commercial real estate in the city. Data from cpix is uploaded to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s commercial site ( every night. It is available on the Internet to anyone interested in investing in Winnipeg.

The division is part of a nation-wide network of commercial divisions and the National Commercial Council (NCC). 

Mark Thiessen, former chair of the WREB commercial division and a local commercial REALTOR®, is the current chair of the NCC. He was the earliest and most vocal proponent of the need for WREB to hire a full-time commercial manager.

“Winnipeg is to be commended on their proactive approach,” said Thiessen, “facilitating the development of specialized products and services for the commercial real estate practitioner.   

“REALTORS® across the country are seeing boards and associations recognize the commercial real estate industry as an important segment of their membership and their local economies.  By engaging a full-time commercial general manager, the WREB will be well positioned to ensure top quality services and innovative products to their members and will continue to play a leading role on both the local and national scene.”

The Commercial Division is well represented on WREB’s board of directors and participates actively in the shaping board strategy. As chair of the commercial division, Martin McGarry automatically serves on the WREB board of directors. Wes Schollenberg, another former commercial division chair and regional representative on NCC, is president-elect of the WREB this year.