Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News continues to be the premiere source of local MLS® listings

On January 9, 1981, Volume 1 and Issue 1 of the Winnipeg Real Estate News was published showcasing then-current real estate listings from the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®).

The opening headline read “Manitoba’s Potential — SUPER!” and included articles about the then-current state of real estate, an introduction to the 1981 Winnipeg Real Estate Board President, Gordon E. Swail, how to care for and feed a wood-burning stove, and a Heritage Highlights article featuring the Bank of Montreal building at Portage and Main that was built in 1913. Issues of the day included angst about high mortgage interest rates — to the tune of 18%, soaring inflation that could reach as high as 15%, and close to total saturation of shopping centres in the suburbs. Advocacy at the civic level was focused on the revitalization of the city core and getting fresh thinking and ingenuity into the bureaucracy at City Hall.

Just like this issue, the first issue was complimentary to consumers and has remained so.

The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News continues to be the premiere source of MLS® real estate listings in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. It continues to deliver accurate, reliable and up-to-date MLS® listings, and important information about the real estate industry in our market region. Every registered MLS® listing is automatically placed in the weekly Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News which is distributed to over 350 high density locations throughout Winnipeg and its surrounding area.

You can find the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News in high-traffic locations such as financial institutions, grocery stores, and various REALTOR® offices in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. With 50 issues a year, and available online and on stands, we ensure that consumers are informed about active and new listings on a weekly basis. There are 10,000 copies printed each week with a pickup rate of 97% across our market region!

The weekly Real Estate Market Matters column is geared to provide information about areas of advocacy relevant to the real estate industry, the benefits of using a professional REALTOR®, and the value of homeownership, along with helpful tips for homeowners. Once a month, the Real Estate Market Matters column provides a recap of real estate market statistics from the previous month to give readers an up-to-date analysis of what is happening in the real estate market with a focus on all property types, residential detached homes, condominiums and residential attached homes.

The Commercial Real Estate Magazine is the leading source of information for buyers, sellers and investors in commercial real estate in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. Besides the high-gloss print edition, available at several high traffic locations found throughout the downtown area of Winnipeg and mailed out to all businesses in Winnipeg, you can also find comprehensive commercial real estate information at

Both the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News and the Commercial Real Estate Magazine can be found digitally on the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News site at 

The Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News website is a trusted source for real estate listings and a source of articles and complementary information. With over 500,000 page views a month, searching for local real estate on our site is at your fingertips. The website includes information about buying, selling, and how to find the right REALTOR®. There is also a moving checklist, important websites for those moving to Winnipeg, a wealth of resources about mortgages including rates and a mortgage calculator, and information about our business partners and affiliate associates. There is also a searchable database of articles going back to 2004.

Upgrades to the website completed in 2019 improved the scope, functionality and design to ensure visitors would see enhanced property visuals with the ability to connect directly with a REALTOR®. When searching for properties by type, the upgrades also ensured that filters could be applied like neighbourhood, listing price, taxes, square footage, number of bedrooms, and floor space, to name a few. The upgrades also made the website faster and even more dynamic.

While interest rates, inflation and revitalization of the downtown are still topics of conversation today, a lot has changed since 1981 and the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News has been along for the ride with ever adapting changes to meet the needs of buyers, sellers, investors and REALTORS®, every step of the way.

As we look to the future, we will continue to adapt while bringing the most up-to-date MLS® listings, real estate market information, and issues of relevance to organized real estate in our market region.

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Jeremy Davis is the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board’s Director External Relations & Market Intelligence.