7 reasons why hiring a REALTOR® is important

A home is the single most important purchase you can make, and it often represents years of planning, saving and dreaming. You simply can’t afford to make a mistake when so much is at stake.

Most people will need expert help to make sure they make the right choice, and it’s important that the expert you turn to is a REALTOR®.

REALTORS® are professionals who know the real estate business inside and out. REALTORS® are licensed real estate salespeople who are also members of a local real estate board or association. As members of their association, they are bound by a professional code of ethics.

REALTORS® also have direct access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) — a vast and comprehensive database of homes for sale — in their area.

REALTORS® will guide you through the details of home buying. They know about current housing prices, mortgage rates, appreciation, schools, transit and just about anything else you need to know. In addition, they are adept at identifying other considerations that may affect your search, such as personal time constraints, finances and so forth.

In short, REALTORS® have at their disposal a wealth of information, experience and advice, and can be your best ally.

The decision to choose a REALTOR® is almost as important as the decision to buy a home. Without his or her help, it is difficult — if not impossible — to sort through the thousands of properties on the market to find the one that suits your family and your future.

Once you have chosen a REALTOR® to work with you and the two of you have established the type of property you want and need, the REALTOR®
will put together an initial list of homes you may be interested in. For first-time buyers especially, a REALTOR®’s experience during this step can be invaluable. He or she will streamline the hunt, helping narrow down the possibilities to those which best suit your requirements. As well, he or she will be familiar with the neighbourhoods and communities you may be considering, and can offer helpful feedback.

Once you have picked out a property you would like to purchase, your REALTOR® will continue to assist you by helping you complete an offer to purchase and acting as a “go-between” between you and the vendor and their real estate salesperson.

Those who have used REALTORS® — the vast majority of homeowners — know the close-knit relationship that can develop from the thorough
and often lengthy quest to find the perfect home. REALTORS® are accustomed to expending whatever time and effort is needed, and frequently spend a great deal of time with their purchasers.

This relationship is precisely why many home buyers insist on returning to the same REALTOR® when they are in a position to sell their home and buy another. Here are the top seven reasons to use a REALTOR®.

1. Major money on the line

This will be the largest personal financial transaction that most of us will ever experience. It’s a good idea to have a professional to guide you through the potential minefields associated with such a big transaction.

2. Financial issues

Your REALTOR® will have knowledge of common financing contingencies including prepayment penalties, appraisals not meeting the sale price, interest rate increases, inability to qualify and more. They can advise you on next steps and suggest appropriate experts to consult.

3. Requirements and regulations

Government requirements and disclosures on the federal, provincial and local levels can be overwhelming and costly if you don’t know about them.

REALTORS® have information on issues ranging from foreign investment taxes, lead-based paint, flood zones, agency documentation, asbestos, radon, installation of gas shutoffs, low-flow toilets, and the list goes on!

4. Inspection problems

Inspections may possibly include incorrect findings. REALTORS® find resolutions of these findings through other professionals such as geologists, roofers and quality repair companies. Real estate agents can help to navigate through all these challenges that will protect you, your money and your property.

5. Exposure

REALTORS will use a combination of marketing tools to help sell your home. They will host open houses. They will advertise your home online using the MLS® system and in the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News that is distributed throughout Manitoba.

6. Affiliations

REALTORS® are part of an organized real estate network that includes affiliates such as quality appraisers, lawyers, moving services, repair services and a host of other real estate professionals. They are happy to suggest these experts to you as part of their service.

7. Dispute resolution

Almost every real estate transaction includes differences, disputes and required negotiations by a trained real estate agent. In addition to coordinating all these complex and numerous aspects of the sale, an agent can help get to a resolution.

At some point during the transaction, both parties usually believe that the deal won’t close. Yet, only 1 percent of these real estate transactions result in litigation — due to the experienced real estate agent who can get the deal done.

REALTORS® are a valuable and necessary ally when you are buying or selling your home!

— MREA/Inman News