8 great reasons to buy a custom built home

This is the last weekend of the annual Spring Parade of Homes, so don’t miss out! There’s never a bad time to get into home ownership, and building a brand new custom home comes with many advantages over purchasing an existing home.

Not only is a brand new home a sound financial investment, it is a lifestyle investment, too. By building a new home in a new neighbourhood, you are choosing new schools and community clubs for your children, new shopping centres and greenspaces to explore, and opportunities to meet new people.

About 25% of all homes purchased each year are newly built custom homes, while the remaining 75% are resales of existing homes. Which one is best for you is a very personal choice. Some people prefer to buy an existing home in a mature neighbourhood. While older homes have their charms, there are distinct advantages to buying a brand new home.

This might be the perfect time for you to build a new home in Manitoba, and here is a list of eight great reasons why.


Homes built today have 31.3% less emissions, requiring less than half the energy of older homes to heat and cool despite larger-sized rooms. Building a new home allows you to install the very best energy efficient systems during construction. And today’s homes are built to standards that ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for new home buyers and their families.

The industry Technical Research Committee consistently rates Manitoba new homes among the most energy efficient in Canada. Manitoba’s building practices ensure lower monthly energy bills and less impact on the environment.


When you buy a brand new home, you get to choose your builder based on their reputation and track record. Professional new home builders are proud of their work, skilled, experienced and committed to your satisfaction. You also get to choose where your new home is going to be built, if it hasn’t been built yet. There are many choices of great lots in great communities throughout Manitoba on which to build your dream home.

Peace of mind

Today’s homes meet more stringent building codes and provide a quality of construction that is higher and more demanding than in the past. A new home meets today’s standards for energy efficiency, safety and performance. Tougher safety standards and more efficient building products mean better air flow and quality. From construction materials to heating systems, the technology built into every new home ensures your long-term satisfaction.


New developments are designed to foster a spirit of neighbourliness by carefully balancing private and public areas. They include welcoming home designs, green recreational areas, playgrounds for children, safe and attractive roads and pathways, and many other features.


With a new home, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair costs for many, many years, because everything is brand new and covered by warranty. Newly built homes don’t require the upkeep of older homes. Many are built with low or no-maintenance materials. Resale homes come with uncertainty about the timing and costs of repair or replacement, from roofing to heating and plumbing.  They required much more maintenance. Less maintenance means more time to enjoy your new home.


From floor plans to features and finishes, when you buy a new home you get choices not available on the resale market.  Depending on the type of new home you buy, your builder will work with you to select the right details to make your home truly yours. This involves everything from paint colours to shingles to the handles on your kitchen cupboards. With a new built home you can have everything just the way you want it.

Up to date

Today’s new homes combine function and style, with open, inviting living areas, lots of light, well-planned work spaces and built-in convenience like home offices and walk-in closets. They are light, bright and fresh feeling. Newly built homes are designed for the way we live today, with open plans and large family rooms, easy flow for entertainment, and space to grow.


One of the great advantages of buying a brand new home is the warranty that can come with it. Professional builders stand behind their work. All builder members of the Manitoba Home Builder’s Association (MHBA) must be members of a third party home warranty program, and are subject to a code of ethics and a code for disciplinary action as established for the industry  by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, with which the MHBA is an affiliated member.

The MHBA represents 80 years of professional excellence. Its members have built a strong reputation as industry professionals who meet the highest standards. Most of its members have been in business 10 years or more, so you can have peace of mind knowing that their proven track records and references mean the promise of reliability.

Whether you choose to purchase a resale home of any age or era, a brand new show home, or custom build one yourself from the ground up, an experienced REALTOR® will be able to guide you through every step of the home buying process.

For more information about newly-built homes and custom home builders, visit the Manitoba Home Builders Association website at homebuilders.mb.ca