New resilient outdoor deck surface

If you’re plagued with outdoor deck problems, why not consider a new deck surface known as Duragrid, a 12-by-12-inch interlocking tile made of polypropylene copolymer.

Duragrid tile and typical floor tile are both 12 inches square, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Duragrid tiles have an open grid surface with a pleasant geometric design. The tiles have tiny “legs” are their bottom to hold them off the surface and allow air and water to go right through the tiles and drain away. 

Duragrid tiles can be installed as a cover over chipped and cracked concrete patios and weather-beaten wooden decks.  It is also a good alternative to wet and stained outdoor carpeting.

It is ideal around pools and spas, since it is self-draining and thus eliminates puddles — the chances of slipping and falling are also reduced and objects accidentally dropped are less likely to break.

Duragrid tiles are available in a number of decorator colours. Your surface can use one solid colour, or you can create a pattern by using a combination of colors.

Duragrid tiles simply snap together. If you make a mistake, don’t panic, simply unlock the tiles and snap them back in place.

The tiles are also easily cut or trimmed to any configuration.

Prepare your deck by making it as level as possible. If there are loose planks, boards or plywood, nail them down using hot-dipped galvanized nails. Any part of the deck that has rotted should be replaced with material of an equal thickness.

Preparation of concrete patio slabs consists of removing all loose debris. As well, sharp edges should be chiseled off. Any sharp dips or dives should be filled in with an appropriate concrete surface.

Upkeep is virtually nil and the tiles are virtually indestructible. The tiles resist both bacteria or fungi. Dust filters right through the tiles and is washed out by water. 

In the winter, you can flood the concrete patio tile surface and turn it into a skating rink for your children. Make sure the ice is at least a couple of inches thick before you allow your children to skate on it.

In the spring, your skating rink automatically turns back into a patio deck. 

Duragrid tiles are used in showers, locker room areas, laundry areas, basement floors and behind bars. They can also be used in areas where workers stand for long periods, since they provide a resilient barrier between feet and concrete. Also, the tiles are used as a surface for such sports as tennis and basketball.

Duragrid tiles are made in Saskatchewan and are available across Canada.