Why you should use a REALTOR® to price your home

This article was previously published in the Winnipeg Regional Real Estate News.

Pricing a home for sale is probably one of the most important aspects of selling a property.

If it’s priced too high, it languishes with few people showing any interest in being potential homebuyers.

If priced too low, sellers could be out thousands of dollars they could have pocketed.

And let’s face it, buying a home is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. So if you’re selling that investment, it makes sense you’ll want to squeeze out as much as you possibly can.

In this day and age, the correct pricing of a home is critical in the selling process. While market trends and research are a majority factor, gut feelings, instinct and experience also play a role in what a REALTOR® comes up with as a list price.


Be sure to use a REALTOR®

The first key thing in selling a home is being represented by a REALTOR®.

Only REALTORS® are members of real estate boards and associations and have access to MLS® Systems. Access to an MLS® System, including active listings and historical information, as well as a network of other REALTORS® with buyers looking for houses, is a benefit to any home seller. As a consumer, if you’re trying to price your own property, you likely have an emotional attachment to the home meaning you might not have an objective perspective. Usually, people think their property is worth more than it actually is.


A REALTOR® brings an unbiased approach

Unbiased means using a numbers-driven, common sense and calibration approach to identify the value of a specific home.

A REALTOR® brings a realistic point of view. For example, when they step into a listing appointment and talk to a client about how to list their home, there are many factors to consider. One is obviously the merits of the house: the size of the home, the age, the look-and-feel and how it’s decorated. Not to mention how it presents itself and also what the market conditions are. What is the tone of the market? What is the media reporting?

All sorts of variables are taken into consideration when it comes to a market evaluation.

A municipality’s assessed value of a home is also a good starting point but by no means does it represent the true value of a property in the current market conditions.


A REALTOR® has information you don’t

Since REALTORS® have access to board MLS® Systems, they will look at comparable sales of homes and listing prices over a period of time in the same neighbourhoods. Some REALTORS® also dig deeper and look at expired listings — listings which have been terminated — to find out why they didn’t sell.

Some REALTORS® look at 12 to 16 comparable properties — or more — to get a good indication of what a reasonable price would be for a listing in the particular area that the home is located.


A REALTOR® brings specific experience

Selling a home is a science, and part of it is also knowing how to judge. What is the value of something? REALTORS® realize that this often takes a kind of gut check. It’s not a written rule book.

For example, how much would someone be willing to pay for high ceilings? How much is a single garage worth compared to a double? You have to make different calibrations based on each specific area. There are so many nuances that a REALTOR® can help you navigate. And the number of factors contemplated are exhaustive.How does a specific neighbourhood fit into how a listing price is determined? What’s its reputation? What’s its crime rate? Where is it in relationship to the core of the city? What amenities — like shopping, schools and activities — are available? What does the neighbourhood and demographic data show? How close is it to transit?

REALTORS® take all of the different factors that surround a property into consideration. Then they evaluate all of these different pieces of information and, within a short period of time, come up with a list price that they can present to a seller.

There are many different qualifications that a REALTOR® brings to the table just from experience with the public to help determine how much a property is worth.

Thinking of pricing a home for sale? It’s a daunting task to do it on your own. REALTORS® are the MVPs of the homebuying process. Find a REALTOR® who is perfect for you and who will help you through the home selling and buying process by visiting www.winnipegregionalrealestatenews.com

— Realtor.ca