Want to try a unique sweet treat? March is the month of mini-egg madness in Winnipeg

Forget the groundhog — there’s no clearer sign to an early spring than the sudden arrival of everyone’s favourite pastel-coloured eggs.

In early March, this seasonal milk chocolate treasure pops up in our favourite snacks around the city, and we’re calling it March Mini Egg Madness. These tiny chocolates are here for a short but sweet time.

There are many places where you can find pastel-perfect Mini Egg creations in Winnipeg.

Modern Electric Lunch’s latest feature is a ‘gram-worthy Mini Egg masterpiece. The Mini Egg Latte is made with milk chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and house-made mint syrup. Top it all off with a pastel-coloured vanilla bean whip (Modern changes up the colours daily) and crushed mini eggs. Call us basic, because we’re here for it.

Another Cadbury coffee creation is the Mini Egg Mocha Latte from Colosimo Coffee Roasters. With so many crushed mini eggs on top of this steaming drink, it still pairs perfectly with something sweet —  like the chocolate eclairs it stocks all week.

This warm weather is giving us ice cream fever and Dug and Betty’s Mini Egg Twister will cool your cravings. It’s thick and full of mini eggs, what more could you ask for?

Mini Egg Cookie ice cream is also available by the pint from Neon Cone and is made with Cassidy & Johannas Cake Boutique’s mini egg cookies, a new cacao chocolate base and extra eggs. Pick up a pint to go and order an Easter Cone for your river walk stroll — it’s dipped in chocolate and coated in Cadbury mini and crème egg goodness.

Enjoy endless little eggs in a scoop or full pint with Fete Ice Cream and Coffee’s Mini Egg flavour, all mixed in their classic sweet cream base. It’s one of our all-time favourites.

The Mini Egg Brownie at Frenchway Café is the brownie of our dreams — and the dreams of many others, as this one sells out fast! Don’t fret, you have until Easter to try and get your hands on it.

Easter dreams do come true at Jenna Rae Cakes. If you love Mini Eggs, stopping by one of their bakeries is a must to try any of the following:

• Mini Egg cookie dough

• Mini Egg macarons

• Mini Egg hot chocolate bomb

• Mini Egg cupcakes

Black Market Provisions are the cookie queens (even Jillian Harris has raved about the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies on Instagram) so these Mini Egg Cookie Bars will surely live up to the hype. The chewy, soft and chocolate-filled bars are packed with Eggies — and yes, they use Eggies instead of Mini Eggs and yes, Eggies do taste better! Please don’t send us hate mail.

Fusian Experience Café is now taking pre-orders for an incredible looking Mini Eggs Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake. This wobbling cake looks delicious, with an entire rainbow of mini eggs decorated around the edges.

Utoffeea’s handcrafted Easter Egg Ice Cream Topping will keep you hopping with a mix of white and dark chocolate, cashews, toffee and of course little eggs. The perfect combination of salty, sweet and pastel.

You’ll be so egg-cited on your next visit to Crampton’s Market. You’ll find a cure for your sweet tooth when you pick up a four-pack of Easter Egg Mini Cheesecakes or snag a Decadence Chocolate Graffiti Egg filled with Mini Eggs.

If you were hoppin’ for a healthier, high protein way to treat yourself this season, Cranked Energy has just the bar for you. The limited edition Mini Egg bar is available online, and packs in the protein and healthy carbs while still satisfying your sweet tooth.

— Article courtesy of Peg City Grub, Tourism Winnipeg’s culinary blog at www.tourismwinnipeg.com