From Elm Creek to Glenboro: 6 of Manitoba’s coolest roadside attractions

Looking for something fun and easy to do with the family this fall? Get to know an intriguing stretch of rural Manitoba on this journey to six of the province’s coolest roadside attractions. 


Elm Creek — Fire hydrant

Bet you didn’t know there’s fierce competition for the title of biggest fire hydrant. Built on Canada Day 2001, this giant fire hydrant attraction in Elm Creek was built by volunteer firefighters and is currently the second largest hydrant in the world.


Roseisle — Roses

The rose statue of Roseisle was erected in 1991 as a monument to the early settlers who gave the town its name. The story goes that the settlers came up with the name after seeing a small rose-covered isle rising out of the water after a downpour - makes sense right? The beautiful statue was a joint project between local welder Clifford McPherson and artist Stephen Jackson.


St. Claude — Tobacco Pipe

As you venture into St. Claude, you might surprised to come across a massive tobacco pipe. This isn’t an indication of the townsfolk’s bad habits, but rather simply a statue that commemorates the early settlers who came from Saint-Claude, France - where the main industry was the manufacturing of pipes. Today, it is the second largest tobacco pipe statue in the world.


Treherne — Glass Bottle House and Church

Now that’s how you reuse, repurpose and recycle! The Glass Bottle House and Church in Treherne, Manitoba is a unique site made up of a group of glass bottle structures. The site includes a house, bathroom, church and wishing well and was constructed from over 5000 bottles. The project was started in the 80’s by creative locals Bob Cain, Dora Cain and Fred Harp.


Holland — Windmill

You can’t miss the windmill and bright cheery sign that beckons you into the quaint small town of Holland, Manitoba. With international travel currently on hold, it’s a must-stop to get that Dutch feel right here in Manitoba. After snapping a photo with the iconic windmill, explore the town’s scenic rolling hills and quaint main street.


Glenboro — Sara the Camel

You’ll know you’re in Glenboro when you see Sara the Camel, located at the junction of Cochrane Street and Highway #2. Sara is emblematic of the desert-like Spirit Sands of Spruce Woods Provincial Park, located just six miles north of the community.

Wherever you travel throughout the province, please remember to continue to practise physical distancing and be COVID careful.

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