10 more hiking trails in Manitoba that you’ve probably never heard of

1. Bead Lakes Trail — Riding Mountain National Park 3.8 km/Loop/Moderate

While many know Riding Mountain National Park for Clear Lake, Moon Lake or Lake Audy, there are many other lakes just waiting to be discovered. The Bead Lakes Trail passes three of the four Bead Lakes, with scenic views and side trails that allow you to walk down to the edge of the water for a swim.


2. Blueberry Hill Trail — Lac du Bonnet 1.8 km/Loop/Easy

Pack a picnic and trek up the Blueberry Hill Trail in Lac du Bonnet. There are picnic tables, benches, a lookout tower and an open rock quarry.


3. Elk Island Loop Trail — Elk Island 16.3 km/Loop/Easy

Located directly north of Victoria Beach is the Elk Island Loop Trail. Elk Island is a bit of a challenge to get to, simply because you must enter from Sandy Bay and it’s quite the distance. Still, many have said the excursion is more than worth it. Walk along the sandy shores of the island and take a dip when the heat of the day gets to be too much — just one of the many benefits of a beach hike!


4. Rex Leach Museum Trail — Swan River 4.7 km/Loop/Easy

Behind the Swan Valley Historical Museum and Heritage Village grounds is the Rex Leach Museum Trail. The trail is as peaceful as it is green with varieties of ferns that line both sides of the loop.


5. Black Lake Hiking Trail — Nopiming Provincial Park 4.3 km/Point-to-point/Moderate to Difficult

If you’re lucky enough to visit Nopiming Provincial Park this summer, you’ll quickly realize that the park is one of the best areas in Manitoba for rugged, outdoor exploration. Hike over rolling terrain along the Black Lake Hiking Trail and be rewarded with a picturesque set of rapids.


6. Oxbow Nature Trail — Minnedosa 3.1 km/Loop/Easy

Not only is Minnedosa a totally underrated small town, it’s also home to the Oxbow Nature Trail. The trail takes you along the Little Saskatchewan River, through a marsh walk, across the swinging bridge and around the bison compound. In other words, there’s plenty to see.


7. Centennial Trail — Whiteshell Provincial Park 15.8 km/Point-to-point/Moderate

As another portion of The Great Trail, the Centennial Trail is a must for hiking enthusiasts. Journey across the boreal shield in Whiteshell Provincial Park and explore high granite ridges, low areas of bog and the stunning McGillivary Falls.


8. Grey Owl Trail — Riding Mountain National Park 14.2 km/Out and back/Moderate

While you may have already hiked the Gorge Creek or Ominik Marsh Trail in Riding Mountain National Park, here’s another to add to your list. The Grey Owl Trail passes under a stunning forest canopy, ending at Grey Owl’s Cabin, who was Dominion Parks Service’s first naturalist.


9. Millennium Trail — Thompson 15 km/Loop/Easy

Hike around the perimeter of Thompson on the Millennium Trail, a 15 km loop that brings through winding paths of the boreal forest and along some of the city sights like the King Miner Statue, Heritage North Museum and the Thompson Zoo.


10. Little Steep Rock Trail — Village of Steep Rock 4.4 km/Loop/Easy

See over 350 million years of natural history along the Little Steep Rock Trail, accessible just south of Little Steep Rock Point. As you gaze out over the gorgeous Steep Rock cliffs, revel in the fact that you are also seeing the remnants of a prehistoric sea bed.

Wherever you travel throughout the province this summer, please remember to continue to practise physical distancing and be COVID careful.

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